math rap part 1 and 2

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    Raps I wrote about math in calculus class. I decided math can be gangster too.

    Part 1.

    I got mad tactics when it comes to mathematics
    my style is perfection that comes without practice
    slingin' numerical slang you cannot attack this
    I'll rotate yo bitch ass along the x-axis
    the fact is- I derive love from hate
    accelerate my skill it's yo face imma integrate
    drop divergent verses that flow like William Blake
    you best break away cause you gettin slayed at a constant rate
    I put the funk in function you put the junk in conjunction
    I act on facts while you come rough with assumptions
    so I'm gonna be blunt you best watch yo actions
    cause I'll take yo ass apart faster than partial fractions
    I've perfected my method but I think you knew this
    haters tend to have lifelines that are discontinuous
    I gots the ice and bling with bigger rings than Saturn
    keep sharp kids guessin' cause I stick to no pattern
    with no gimick I'll take you to unknown limits
    not hard to go far when my potential is infinite
    I drop heavy knowledge that tilted this blue planet
    so step down now fo' you get yo conciousness expanded.

    Part 2.

    parental advisory - i come fierce like a tiger see
    i'll colonize yo style and then steal all yo ivory
    keep up with the times, no need for this rivalry
    sit down with the children in the back and listen idly
    i ain't recursive so im only gonna spit this once
    you can pass it along to all yo friends like a 3 gram blunt
    now my style is superb and my flow is mad lyrical
    the reason to this is that im ya negative reciprocal
    you can call it a miracle, but i ain't bein sarcastic
    my verses will revert yo steel nerves to plastic
    if you got a question you best be afraid to ask it
    or you might find yo body in five separate caskets
    before you attack me you best protect yo family
    i found'em by calculatin yo orthogonal trajectory
    son don't lecture me, shut the fuck up and observe
    im tha one who owns the area beneath yo curve
    ***** i preach the word, ain't nobody limit me
    'fo you reach the third bar i'm already at infinity
    droppin simile after simile i spits the art like calligraphy
    ya better go home 'fo you get one in ya dome like kennedy
    i'll force an epiphany, son my style carries logistically
    mystically overtakin yo industry statistically
    imma lay it algebraic, son x ain't gonna make it
    and x represents you ***** imma straight up say it
    my friends be hoppin in the benz with black rims
    comin' full throttle with semiautos and mac10s
    son don't be messin', we gonna teach you a math lesson
    you can learn to count with six rounds from my smith n wessen

    note: calculating the orthogonal trajectory determines the general equation for the family of curves.
  2. I like it, you got some pretty sick lines.
  3. thanks man, i tried.
  4. haha, good shit! that was nice, i liked it!
  5. That was pretty slick man, you just write for fun?
  6. Dude that shit's sick, if you got flow as well lets hear some of that shit dropped on an RJD2 beat or somethin' of the sort. :D
  7. haha.
    i liked it.
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    thanks, maybe i will drop it on an rjd2 beat, his shit is sick!

    and yeah i do. i actually had a math-rap battle with a friend of mine a bit ago on facebook of all places.

    here is what transpired:

    not me (james):

    you speak a lot of bullshit with your wack math tactics
    i serve you in the face so hard, spin you 'round your Z-axis
    now your features discontinuous like the tangent function
    shaped by the topology of my fist when I bludgeon
    you congruent to them other fools like side-angle-side
    i be multiplying my stacks while your whole crew divides
    your style's derivative, just walking the line
    it's integral to your success that you beef up your rhymes
    you just infinitely repeating like 1/3 as a decimal
    plus yo bitch covered all the surface area of my testicles
    then i spooged on her eyes with normal distribution
    I'm like the riemann hyptothesis, you can't find the solution
    you talkin big like you solvin mad equations
    but you can't back that shit up - low correlation
    my proofs'll burn your brain up like nero
    as the bars you spit approach infinity, your skill approaches zero


    james please, ya math style is an atrocity
    comin in logically i can see through yo sophistry
    read up on my geometry and you defined as a square
    yo ass is gonna get plotted - just like an ordered pair
    mathematical style, you can come do your worst son
    stuck my force in yo girls integrand and she told me the work done
    if you math battle me it'll be disaster every time
    you can try without success like takin factors of a prime
    the master of rhyme man you the master of grime
    when our styles mix yours sink faster than brine
    you be asleep in class then awake in my basement
    son you've just learned a basic lesson in displacement
    kids be like where james went, can't seem to find you around
    like the last digit of pi, guy, you ain't never get found
    buried deep in the ground, don't hate my style cause its nasty
    im yo asymptote bro you ain't never surpass me


    keep huffin and puffin, you about to turn purple
    cause beating me in a battle is like squaring the circle
    with a compass and straightedge, fool, ya can't do it
    only approximate my flow, i'm dynamic and fluid
    bring the heat like i'm exothermic
    my flow's chiral, your shit won't match no matter how you turn it
    at the top of the pile, and you just bottom-shelfin'
    you going nowhere like molecules at zero kelvins
    leave your guts on the floor, scattered like random data
    too many pieces to fit the 8 digits on your calculata
    i'm running circles around you like a cycloid
    go on and waste your words, i can do this all night boi
    you can sometimes spit, but most that shit is nonsense
    hot fire from me is like e - a fucking constant
    i'm ahead of my time like islamic mathematics
    you that grass shit in the middle of the highway: average
    when I battle it's chaotic like lorenz attractors
    hard to predict; mad unknown factors
    but one thing I know for sure is you a weak MC
    and I just proved that to everyone. QED


    son i can take heat cause my style is endothermic
    my skills in rhyme come innate, but yo ass had to learn it
    yo flow is divergent, i used the ratio test to confirm it
    i'll exile yo style like pythagoras- a lyrical hermit
    now my flow is prime and even just like tha number two
    you can fall to ya death when i negate the area under you
    son my flow is so hot, they used to call me tea kettle
    when i was nine i was slayin kids at an 8th grade level
    you more of the same, james, jason leeang you can't get near'em
    cause i'm implicitly simplistic like the occam's razor theorem
    weak mcs fear'em, and you just a blind hata
    my method is like facebook - i actively mine data
    to up my references, im alpha n you can't even find beta
    i gots the glock adjacent to you like the cosine of theta
    no truce, just like angles yo dense style is obtuse
    buildin of yo rhymes, you just the root of my hypotenuse

    ... i might have lost. james is sick.
  9. Yo why's my *****s always yellin that broke shit?
    Let's get money Son, now you wanna smoke shit?
    Chill God, yo the Son don't chill Allah
    What's today's mathematic Son? Knowledge God
  10. By the way, I seen your bitch, she was up in this cat's room
    Skeyed up, weed the fuck up, to top it off
    look beat up, with two crack fiends huggin your seed up
    I took care of that, though, but don't worry bout it
    I got your back though

    i move rhymes like retail make sure shit sell.

    raekwon is the shit his album better drop by the end of this year.
  11. you heard the new gza?

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