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Math Project on Cannabis

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dobz, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Could a clever stoner on here give me some way that I could relate math into cannabis wether or not it would be smoking it or whatever. I want to do it on cannabis but I actually have no idea how to relate it to math.
  2. 2 pot brownies + 1 man= 12 hrs of sleep.
  3. weed + hennessy = good night
    does that count?
  4. Wouldn't you get like suspended and drug tested and sent to rehab???
  5. .5 bowl (butane + spark) = 7 coughs x a gag.
  6. How introducing a new drug into the market will effect the economy.

    Account for social costs, infrastructure, and tax income. I'm sure there are many different math aspects to this topic but it won't be easy and I would write up what numbers you'll be researching and show it to your teacher BEFORE saying you'll do your project on weed.
  7. everyone wants to do a project on marijuana no matter of the subject matter.. I think it would be wise to do something better suited for math.

  8. Converting grams to ounces and such?

  9. i like this idea +rep

  10. Well it does cover law, politics, economics, medicine, botany/nature, psychology, science, and many different and more narrowed down topics.

    He probably should do something else, unless he's trying to get his teacher to look at him as a stoner.
  11. what math are we talking, second series calculus or high school pre-algebra? Only thing i can think of is using the metric system, but that might get you in trouble for knowing so much....
  12. 2 grams + 1 bong + 1 butane lighter + 1 person = 1 great night :hippie:
  13. Yeah I think I`m not gonna do it on just cannabis anymore and change it to every drug because its much to hard and I don`t wanna heat up my scene either.
  14. Costs and net gains of setting up an illegal grow-op.

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