math help-logarithms. please?

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  1. i havent been here for a while, but i know there are a lot of smart, sharp, stoners on here. i have my final tmrw, and there is one type of question i cant see to figure out how to properly do. this is the problem---solve for t
    170 = 47 + 11ln(15t + 1),

    123 =11ln(15t+1)

    i dont know what to do next or how. i know the answer, but dont know how to get it.
  2. First, divide both sides by 11 to get


    then make both sides powers of e


    this cancels the natural log


    subtract 1 then divide by 15 to get


    Pretty sure that's the answer.
  3. ^ That's right.

    Remember, Logarithms are just a different notation for writing exponential functions. If you know how to convert the log into it's exponential equivalent, the problem becomes a piece of cake.
  4. thank you, that makes sense! :)

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