Materials used to pack bowls

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  1. Whats up blades, I was just curious how do you break up the weed and load it into your bowl. I personally use a grinder and dumpit on a dvd case, then I seperate it out to the amount i smoke now and then later, i use a credit card to then dump it off the case onto a vertically folded playing card (ACE of spades) and then it goes into the slide. I found this a good way to perserve weed and be neat. So what do you do?:smoke:
  2. i use my fingers like a real stoner. none of this OCD bullshit.
  3. Grinder. I'm obsessed with grinders, I just love the perfect bowl it packs (not to mention it burns so much better).
  4. weed gets broken up in my palm > straight to the bowl.

    it takes like 30 seconds lol
  5. Any random trifold brochure, and a nice titanium grinder that won't flake off metal into your buddha.
  6. I use my FINGERRRS!!

    [ame=]YouTube - Whitest Kids U' Know - Grandma's Cookies (HQ)[/ame]
  7. I finger it.
  8. first i grind it up with this:


    then i use this to carry it to my bowl :


    this is my bowl :


    and then i just blaze it up :

  9. smash the whole fucking nug into the bowl then light. thats how real men do it. none this pussy brake it up shit.
  10. ^ all jokes aside that's how i really do it
  11. grinder, finger, pack in EQ elbow ;)

  12. I loled
  13. i use my fingers, for several reasons.

    first of all, i despise the way a ground up bowl hits. i have asthma and i don't exactly enjoy when the entire fucking bowl goes up in flames.

    second, it's just more fun. all of my friends and i take turns packing the bowls and we comment on how well each one is packed and stuff. it's like craftsmanship.

    third, it brings you closer to the weed. you can really get a true feel of the quality, for one thing. and it's just nice to actually be working with the weed you're smoking.
  14. i break up weed by mashing it between my testicles.
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  16. lmfao!!!! U fuckin snapped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Feenguhz.
    I love smelling my fingers afterwards.
    Plus, broken bud burns much better then ground bud. It burns alot lighter imo.
    While ground bud burns alot heavier. Also imo.
  18. i only smoke nugs in the bowls kuz it burns alot slower and... to me it gives me a harder hit! if its all crumbled up it'll ash quick az hell
  19. I smash up the weed, the bong, the grinder, and the mason jar, put it in pile on the floor and light it on fire. Then I strip naked, paint my body and chant as I dance around it.
  20. lol you guys r hilarious, thanks 4 makin my day

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