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  1. Stop. Erase all thoughts. And begin reading.

    Life is powerful, fulfilling, and us.
    Money can make us feel powerful, some feel fulfilled, and others feel as if they are money.

    Money is a jester, set in place to deceive the thoughts of us all...

    Swap them around

    If life was considered a million dollars and every time we failed we would lose a portion of the money (aka life)

    Would your life be $$$ or would you be broke and dead
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    Depends how small the portion would be. If infinitesimaly small ,
    then rich

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  3. if life was $1Million and you lose portions of it every time you hit an obstacle in life, youd be broke before you died.

    life is like a wave pattern with a balance of ups and downs or yin and yang.

    if your just losing $ everytime things go wrong, youll be broke by the time your like 10 years old. but if you gained portions of $ for positive outcomes in life, then at the end of your lifespan, youll notice your final sum of money is very close to the original $1Million.

    life is an even flow of good and bad.

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