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matanuska thunderfuck

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by dan k, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Hot Damn that looks lovely! Always wanted to try Thunderfuck-Alaskan or Matanuska...same genetics?
  2. i would think?
    a name is a name though... this shit was grown proper =]
  3. Mmmmm gooood. Looks like some danky dank. Nice grab
  4. looks like some alaskan thunderfuck i picked up a couple weeks ago...shit was fire so sticky and stankky!
  5. definitely bomb. smoke up :smoke:
  6. That's some old school bud. Haven't seen the real thunder fuck in a long time. I wonder why this amazing genetics don't show up in more of today's hybrid/super strains. I suppose it's got to be because of the stability of the strain. I remember hearing how difficult it was to grow. Maybe that's why, IDK! But that is still one of if not the most potent indica's I've burned to date! A real classic! I'm reminiscing of musky mushrooms and sandalwood terpenes.
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    GORGEOUS herb man, that looks so dank. Grats mate! :D

    Yes, same exact plant to my knowledge, 2 names.

    ? you haven't had ATF if you had a powerful indica, ATF is a super duper sativa strain
  8. could be that or the rarity of the true genetics. Better not to see it, than to see knock offs of it all over the place i guess.

    dan k.. killer as always dude. :hello:
  9. I disagree...just because someone in the international seed trade/seed bank sells something called ATF and says its lineage is sat dom, don't mean that the original is that. I've never had my hands on it to grow, so I wouldn't know...but I know what I smoked, and even though back then I knew little of what I do know, it left a definitive impression on me that I can still 20 plus years later remember the devastating indica effects and body numbness that defined its stone! Perhaps I'm wrong, but I believe nothing of what I hear, half of what I see and all that I experience brother. Besides, rumor is that the strain is dead because of the DEA raid on the matanuska valley back in the late 80's. That said, I'm pretty sure the guy that I got from was reliable.

  10. To be fair ATF isn't even a particular strain, it just refers to where it grows LOL which is where the problem comes from... :X

    this bud is beauty though
  11. Alaskan thunder fuck is a strain. Its land strain mantanuska valley
  12. The only land race strains out in Alaska are HEMP strains buddy. :)
    It's an ultra powerful sativa at almost every dispensary you can get it but it wasn't grown in the valley.
  13. looks bomb! i've smoked alaskan thunderfuck, and woo did I overdo it, smoked abut 4 grams to the head within an hour or two, and some of my buddies shit and passed out haha
  14. ^ they shit and passed out? damn thats hardcore.
    this thread is a year old heh:p

  15. Seen it bump up and in the stash jar I just look for the good herb.

    You definitely hit the spot there, beautiful dank. :)
  16. That had to have been a site to see. I bet y'all never let that person live that down. I bet that shit was funny...Pun intended!

    I had some a really narcotic strong batch of northern lights back around 1993, and buddy of mine came over and while I was showering he got ahold of it and started taking bong rips. By the time i got out he was stone cold quiet and sittin on my couch like a scared little puppy. I asked him WTF was wrong and he didn't say a word, just pointed to the bong and I knew he had put a hurt on it while I was gone. We were sitting there for about thirty minutes and I happened to catch him out of the corner of my eye and his head was lolled over to one shoulder and he had foam pouring out his mouth. Turns out the fucker was on lithium or some other anti-psychotic and that NL grabbed him by the boo boo. I had no fucking idea of what to do. He was about 6'0" and 210 or so I couldn't move his ass. Scared the pee-waden out of me for about 15-30 minutes and then he just started laughing like a damned hyena uncontrollably and after about 30 minutes of that he was finally making complete sentences. Needless to say, he never asked to hit that bong ever again.

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