Matanuska thunderfuck x mango

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  1. Hey guys i just bought some seeds from some guy at a pot rally. He said its the matunska from the 70's that he's had since then. He then crossed it with a fast finishing "Mango", the result is an autoflowering purple plant!!! He showed me a whole plant he harvested in 8 weeks from seed, it was about a foot long bud, that weighed 2 ounces. I am SO happy i got these seeds, i bought 3 feminised seeds for 30$!!! This guy was totally legit, he had 2 pounds of just giant buds the size of my arm that he grows indoors!

    My question is, i want to keep this strain but im going to have to make seeds, since you cant clone an autoflowering plant. How would i get feminised seeds from this, i dont want to cross it with a male because i like it how it is now. Im not sure if i can mess with the light schedual to do this. Is there a chemical of some sort that i can buy to feed the plants to make seeds???


  2. all 3 are fems? youll have to hope for hermies, if you get a hermie you could get thousands of seeds (fem seeds) off one plant.

    just hope for hermies mate :)
  3. im pretty sure there is a chemical you can buy that will produce seeds.....i guess to need to reasearch around and look for it.....
  4. Just mess with the lighting schedule, that should make it hermi enough to produce some seeds.
  5. haha, for some reason i wouldnt even be considering trying to make them produce seeds. iv heard many a good thing about matanuska thunder. thats pretty cool though man, best of luck growing those things. hope for pics i do!


    p.s. how about just a single cola, with some good seeds?
  6. You need the hermi's pollen to pollinate a regualer female to get fem seeds. The seeds that hermies produce themselves will grow only hermi plants
  7. Sorry man but thats not true.
  8. well theres a chance that seeds produced through self-pollination will carry on the hermi trait
  9. Stress the plant, it should hermie, messing with the times or raising the temps should do the job.
    I would also try to clone it...
  10. I would just grow and clone, and then let the clones be pollinated by a good quality male plant. You would still keep the genetics of the fem plant and add a top notch new strain too. ?
  11. Yes theres a chance, but for the most part, hermi seeds will produce females the majority of the time.
  12. they'll produce females with more af a hermie tendency.
  13. ive been reading about the colloidal silver technique, and just using gibberellic acid to make feminized seeds......

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