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  1. Amen to that.
  2. Welp who knows your needs better than you?
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  3. Always practice safe masturbation by wearing a mask!!!
  4. Kind of makes it hard to suck yourself off. Not that doing such a thing isn't hard enough in of itself.
  5. how many times a day are to many???
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  6. I was wondering the same thing....thread got me feeling like I'm too much haha
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  7. Ik its because of my post :( I didn't mean anything, keep doing you Deme!!
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  8. well i throw it out there.

    I average twice a day at least
  9. "I once jerked off 12 times in one day just to see if I could." - Brock Samson
  10. you actually weren't the only one to say something. Just the only one to do it in the thread itself :laughing:
  11. Well to help make you feel better there have been many moons where I jerked off more than 4 times a day lol. Just not lately I guess.
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  12. The world has sucked lately. Makes sense lol.
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  13. I had like a 6 month weed tolerance break and past couple of weeks I've been smoking a lot, I can easily spend an hour jerkin it lol
  14. so which socks are the best?



    Fruit of the loom

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  15. One time I did it about 7 times I was so dogdamn horny.
  16. its not about how many times you do it but how you feel about your self after.

    because im driven to beat my record....
  17. Daily, with an average of 4 to 5 times a day. My dick was hurting a lot I must say but I know its strong enought to take that kind of exercise. In terms of porn...when I couldnt get it up, sometimes I watched some very weird and bizarre porn...But yeah haha whatever life is only one

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