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  1. Usually once a day during this lockdown, twice sometimes and ive definitely hit four during the lockdown. Alot of alone time. But sometimes ill take 2 days off from whackin it. But yeah recently its mostly once a day.
  2. No nut November is hard as fuck though.
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  3. I don't practice that.
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  4. Daily

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  5. every time that i want to. Least twice a day. after i get up and before i go o bed.

    Specially before i fall asleep after smoking a fat as bowl!!!
  6. Once a month if that it’s hard to do when ya got a wife that’ll do whatever ya want er too at the drop of a hat but, one must keep his skills sharp.
  7. NOW!!!
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  8. *Audience laughter*
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  9. Every day. Shit is so cash.
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  10. No nut November is hard as fuck though.
    I know right?
    Like last November, it was getting late in the month & was hella horny. I found myself rubbing one out in the bathroom on Thanksgiving day. Right after i hear "Turkeys ready"

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  11. Speaking of no Nut November. It's ironic that the Seinfeld episode "The Contest"first aired in November of 1992 and was about abstaining from Masturbation. The original No Nut November.
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  12. I could use a contest right now not going to lie.
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  13. I bought a toy and should arrive soon.
  14. someone is gonna love!!!!

  15. All I know is that it's a toy for use in the shower and it feels tight to stick yourself in.
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. Damn Deme. I usually wait till I can't sleep till I do lol.
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  18. :confused_2:
  19. Just impressed haha.
  20. Well, someone's gotta meet my needs so it might as well be me lol
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