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  1. How many times have you since lockdown started. Monthly/daily/hourly?? Watch porn ??
  2. 3 times a day.... If not more. Always to some sort of porn. Erotica. Pics/vids sent to me. Porn when I'm outta that.
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  3. lol usually once a day. sometimes ill skip a day, but sometimes ill do it twice in a day. so id say it all evens out to about a once a day average.
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  4. I'm definitely a twice a day guy right now. Love morning's
  5. Many times as I can handle in a day. Once I did it four times, twice to porn vids and the other two to some pics.
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  6. I should be blind by now.
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  7. Solid once a day
  8. Once a week. In that way its a more pleasurable experience!
  9. :coffee:
    I believe you
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  10. I got in house pussy I’m quarantined with a freak no need to pleasure myself all I gotta do is say the word.
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  11. You know what adds to the fun? Using a pair of panties (or underpants depending on your sexual preference) but silky panties feel so good...
  12. I've never worn silky panties.
  13. I was doing this way before lockdown. At least twice a day.
  14. Wish I were you. Nothing worse than having in house who won't ever wanna "do it"
  15. lol hes talking about wrapping the panties around his dick and jerkin it.
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  16. well then
  17. I'm sitten here questioning my own mortality as to why I am reading this thread.
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  18. Aka the whole internet/world/my life.
  19. Once a week. In that way its a more pleasurable experience!

    Agree sort of like a T break
  20. Same as always, about once or twice every week. I've actually been doing a quasi nofap routine. I say quasi because I'm not exactly doing the textbook regime. I've read from several studies that you receive no additional hormonal benefits past a week of no masturbation. And after a month of no masturbation your testosterone actually starts declining. So their seems to be a U curve on it's benefits. Not masturbating for 5 to 7 days will boost your testosterone levels and lower prolactin, which is good. But after that initial boost, you don't really recieve any additional benefits. And you're actually probably better off to masturbate at that point, before your testosterone starts declining.
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