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  1. hi. i've been masturbating daily for more than a month. could it harm my health? has any of u been doing it daily like i do?
    n.b - those people getting laid need not answer.
  2. If you jack to porn, that can cause issues.

  3. That's a total myth, there's nothing wrong with porn.
  4. I dont think its a total myth..
  5. Porn effects your psychological health for sure. Jacking it erryday I highly doubt has any health concerns.
    You're good bro

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  6. [quote name='"BlazedGlory"']

    That's a total myth, there's nothing wrong with porn.[/quote]

    Haha sorry man but there's a lot wrong with porn
  7. How does porn affect your psychological health?
  8. Desensitize.
  9. You mean like how video games desensitize you to violence? :rolleyes:
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  11. desensitizing is a good thing, if jerking off even did that...

    you'll last longer when you're fucking a real bitch
  12. i was actually just in another thread from another forum section and if you are not sexually active and are limited to just porn and fap, It will have an effect on you. Pretty much to sum things of the nuero chemicals and all that jazz only get stimulated when u watch porn images(videos) vs when you are out in public and maybe you see an attractive lady.
  13. excessive masturbation causes erectile dysfunction
  14. damn whats up with all these people scared to beat off on this site all the sudden?
  15. That just not true though, I've watched plenty of porn in my time and I'm still attracted to women. This whole "porn objectifies women" thing is just a bunch of crap too, it "objectifies" men too, how many dudes really have 9 inch dicks? The whole point of porn is to see over the top sex.
  16. for the record, porn is awesome
  17. Wait, so porn bad, fapping good? Does daily fapping WITHOUT porn cause harm? I'm confused. Is the porn that's bad? The fapping that's bad? Or is it only bad when both are combined...?
  18. Men get 2-3 erections every night as they sleep; it's Mother Nature's way of making sure everything works, to insure the survival of the species.

    An unused cock can atrophy like any other unused muscle.
  19. Nothin wrong with masturbation. Nothin wrong with porn. Nothin wrong with jerkin it once a day....

  20. I think it can also have an effect on your arousal too. Like making out with a girl or sexual things that are "lighter" (compared to hard porn) may not get you aroused or fully erect, thus possibility of premature ejaculation is higher or something I believe. Or even the chance of losing that erection in the longer drawn out love making process.. vs jacking to 5-10 minutes of porn

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