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Masturbation while your high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ColoradoToking, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. Okay im sorry i have to say this and don't think im weird because what im about to tell you can change your life. Masturbating while your high can make your orgasm 5x better, literally! Let's be adults here people, masturbation has been around since the beginning of time, don't think less of me for sharing this with you especially the guys. Try it, and you will never ever regret it and you are going to love being high even more because of this.
    The science behind it: While under the use of marijuana, lots of senses in your body are a lot higher, taste, smell, arousal. Therefore when you have an orgasm your sense for arousal is like 5x better so thus you have a 5x better orgasm.

  2. Really, just about anyone who smokes weed has done the deed stoned. It's great!!!
  3. Almost everyone ever who smokes weed ever knows everything you just said. I'm not one to call threads useless... but this thread is kinda useless.
  4. I'm pretty sure almost every dude has fapped once he hit puberty. It's not like they started smoking weed and suddenly forgot to fap.
  5. OP, this is well known :) Not weird at all, but you know if you get used to masturbating while high you won't enjoy the sober experience...just a heads up
  6. if you've gotten high from marijuana more than 10 times i think its safe to say you've probably experienced an orgasm while stoned one way or another.
  7. oh shit i forgot about that
  8. lol nah, ur trippen
  9. weed aint no molly/ecstasy 
  10. I have yet to fap while high hahah.
  11. Nah, by what I said I mean if he only does it when he's high he is gonna do it sober and be like.. the fuck?
  12. I probably would if I could feel it. I usually get so high that I can barely feel myself taking a piss.
  13. I had the craziest dream while baked out of my mind one night.
  14. One of the best orgasms I've had was when high. Feels good for everyone. 
  15. whats weird is that they say marijuana kills sperm but I jizz literally 2x the amount while high

  17.  i understand what you meant,
    i just disagree, it's not THAT euphoric when you're stoned, and soon enough ((this dude is deff a new smoker)) when his tolerance goes up a lil, it'll almost feel the same.
    me and my ex, we would only be stoned and have sex. the girl after that hated when i smoked so i only slept with her sober..
    same shit, no "Wtfs?" 
    but i do have friends who popped a buncha mollie n fucked girls after those parties, and now they're like a lil bummed. 
    it all goes back to normal v easy n v quick
  18. I was fapping one day then a Gchat window came up. I replied, he got into a conversation. Afterwards, I closed it and saw all this porn open. I'm like, what the hell...? OH YEAH, I was fappin! lol, I was so fucked.
  19. You clowns need to find girlfriends.
  20. Sex, masturbatiuon, however you cum if you're stoned it's better!

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