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  1. Of course everyone fucks high. But anyone whose been smoking for a long time jerk off a lot still (high that is of course). I think it's the best thing ever but like everything else it can get boring if you do it too much too fast. My friends and I call the feeling after the mega orgasm "nirvana".
  2. I call the feeling 'alice in chains'
  3. It kills my high.

    Cleanup. Recover from "nirvana". Soberness.

  4. Feels good at the time but I agree ^. It kills my high. I like to do it after I just start coming down, So I can smoke a J right after. :)

    It could be diffrent for guys though. More effort for lack of toy to do the work..
  5. Kills the high... then makes you hella tired.
  6. ohhh wee its a good nap after though
  7. it's amazinggggggggg
  8. Awesome, and never killed my high. It always sends me into the most relaxed state imaginable
  9. This automatically is one of my favorite threads!

    It is soooooooo intense. Jerking on out while mega high is just soooo good! It's just that after that amazing bust, Im just beat. Like I wanna take a shower and sleep. But damn Busting a load while high is just like... So damn good.
  10. Yeah I've done it. Shit's so cash.
  11. I'd rather eat food and listen to music
  12. WHILE masturbating?
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    Now that's multitasking !!!! Lol
  14. takes me like 2 hours to nut when im high...but i once got some insane dome after a fuckton of bowlpacks and when i came i nearly feinted.
  15. High with a
    Vibrator in the
    Bath tub while eating
    Chocolate and drinking
    Champagne surrounded by

    When this fantasy becomes reality my life will be complete. :smoke:

  16. The only thing I would change is the Champagne. For me a blunt filled with trainwreck. I don't drink. Thats a fuckin' great idea though. Props.

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    Lol!!!! It's okay :) I know you liked my comment in here...<3

  19. Dude, you're SO right. Everytime I'm high, WHAPPP, I'm jerkin' ! For medical reasons, I have a.
    sexless marriage. I won't say any more, except to say it was through NO fault of my own, and that's that ! I jerk almost every day, high whenever I have it, of course !! Sometimes, on rare occasions when I don't. Thing is, gettin' high is pretty much every day for me, ha ha ! Being that my favorite cousin lives up stairs and he's my "GUY", to. it's a VERY good thing to have a loved relative for my guy. When I can't buy, since he hates blunt roaches, he gives 'em to me, by the bag full, YEEHAW !! I live in Massachusetts, btw. Where it's legal !!

    Ialways get just as horny, either way, most all the time. Doesn't seem to affect anything for me, except to make me horny as hell, every time, like right now, he he. High or not, and for me, high is just BETTER !

    Sorry for the novel, when I inhale
    "These Here Most Magical Vapors",
    like I got right now, it makes me
    wordy/horny AF...

    Squishy squishy time !
    It's all I have left, and it's just fine by
    me. I mean to say, Im okay I guess, I hope.
    And I'm REAL good at it, ain't we all
    though ? ; )~ ; )~ -E \\. Squirt !!
    ( e's my hand, see, back splashes
    be my pe--cker ! )
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