Masterpieces I have created while medicated. Minecraft while high?

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    What are your experience with minecraft while high?

    These are some structures I have created while high.
    This is in no means supposed to offend anyone.

    -The statue, I made with a black friend of mine while he was over. We took bong hits of some dank purple kush and then we created this. We wanted to make it stereotypical so -->
    -Red eyes (he's been swimming)
    - Joint on his ear
    - KFC in left hand
    - Grape drank in right hand
    - Watermelon on table

    The dick faucet my black friend made when he got home

    The Bomb-ong
    Red, Gold (Yello) and Green colours for the rasta experience

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  2. the wonders of marijuana

    a man on minecraft creating black dudes and dicks

    i approve
  3. Have you seen the guy who created a working CPU? That shit was crazy
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    Dude. I do soooo much minecrafting high. There should be an official "post your stoned minecraft build" thread.

    And here it is :)
    Post your Stoned Minecraft Builds!
  5. Bump, Let's revive this thread. And It's in artist's corner because it's creating stuff not playing.

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