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Master Wu's tincture attempt

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by katsume125, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. So I bought an eighth of some real nice dank, and decided to make one of Master Wu's alcohol tincture. I followed the directions to the T but pre-baked the weed a at 200 for 20 (Wrapped in foil,) rather than 5 minutes at 325 (open,) cause that causes a stink in the kitchen.

    I used cheese cloth to strain the end results. May have lost a bit in that method, but my tincture bottle I got at the health food store is about 2/3's full of dark brown liquid. I put an eyedropped full in some green tea I was drinking and it tasted like liquid weed. It never kicked in too hard, but I think two would get me real good. I think I did something wrong along the lines though, because a full dose isn't very powerful.
  2. I find with tincture time and patience pay off! I keep it in rotation so I always have a little sitting on the shelf while I finish off my current tincture bottle. I would put it on the shelf in the closet and leave it for a couple of weeks then check it out. Good luck
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    " I followed the directions to the T but pre-baked the weed a at 200 for 20 (Wrapped in foil,) rather than 5 minutes at 325 (open,) cause that causes a stink in the kitchen."

    No you didn't follow the directions to the T if you did something different than what was in the directions. That recipe has never failed me when I followed the directions. He also recommends using a garlic press ($5 at the grocery store) to strain out the liquid from the weed.

    If I were going to vary the recipe at all, I would use bad Kitty's technique of 220 degrees for 5 hr to activate the THC.

    Don't try this batch again for a week or so, even though it wasn't as strong as you wanted it will have elevated your tolerance and the next dose, if taken too early, will be a disappointment.

    Please try again, tinctures are very nice, but you altered what may have been the most important step.

  4. i don't think BKS ever mentioned decarbing for 5 hrs at 220, more like 20-30 minutes.

    That being said, i think master wu exagerates a bit when he says 1ml is one good dose. When you do the math, a 1ml dose would be about 0.15g of weed. (3.5g/30ml). In edibles standards this is low(ish, depending on tolerance)
    For myself, when i made a tinc with 3.5g/fl oz i usualy take 2ml's wich gives me a nice effect that lingers for about 4 hrs, but nothing too powerfull.

    all in all, i think master wu had a low tolerance or he was one of those people that was really affected by tincture. Alcohol is just another way next to fat to get the thc in your blood, it doesn't magically make your cannabis more potent.

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