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Master Revere’s Ultimate Pot growing guide

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by RevErenCE, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. ----<:Master Revere’s Ultimate Pot growing guide:>----

    Welcome to Revere’s condensed pot growing guide, here you will learn very quickly what you need to give the Cannabis Plant to produce the maximum yield of bud. And WHY it works

    I have had to go through painstaking research to learn what I am going to tell you in these short paragraphs. Cutting down all the nonsense that one finds on the internet these days is very hard, I have read some really awful content on things that in my opinion is EXACTLY the opposite one wants to do when growing pot with bud size in mind

    Let’s do this:

    Understand the Cannabis plant:

    The Cannabis plant is a seasonal grower, this means it will spend its life doing 1 thing and 1 thing alone; it is going to try and build quality high numbered seeds. But unfortunately, the environment it is growing in isn’t always perfect… The plant is then left with a catch 22 situation over the “amount” of seeds vs the quality of seeds. Ultimately the plant has got a limited amount of resources available to her, and she rather opts for the quality seeds scenario…. I mean, a plant cant be expected to deliver the same amount of seeds, in the same duration of time (seasons) than a plant getting 100% of the optimal environment.

    AND THIS IS WHAT WE WANT – In order for your plant to produce bud, you HAVE to give it what it wants. You will NOT grow quality bud if you do not give your plants the optimal growing conditions, as your plant does not know you want to smoke her, she merely wants to survive, so she will forms seeds according to what you give her (we will get to the seed part later as everything has got to do with seed production)

    Variables you need to consider:


    This is probably the most overlooked growing segment. Here is a little fun fact: Most of the weight of the bankie you have in your pocket right now does not come from the nutes the plant sucks up from the soil or hydro mix. It actually comes from the CO2 that is in the Air around us. The plant uses light energy the strip the Carbon atom from the Oxygen… (ever heard a plant releases oxygen????), this carbon atom is fused with other molecules derived from the nutes to form carbon based plant matter … BUD !!!!
    Considering this, you probably think now …. “I would like to give my plant overkill ventilation” my words to you is “go for it, as long as the wind does not knock over you plant”. I can save you some money right now by telling you CO2 supplementation is not worthwhile. I have tried it, and found it did not even give a 2% increase in yield.... you are better off investing in better ventilation or spend that cash rather on some quality seeds.


    As the previous paragraph states, you need the light to strip the carbon from the air, the more you give, the more work can be done by the photosynthesis engine of a plant… the faster grower it will be, and ultimately, it will give more condensed leave nodes…. The practical reason for this is that as stated before, a plant will grow according to the environment, and a light rich environment will make the plant use what is available to it by giving more surface area for light to fall on. This “surface area” is the leaves …. And will ultimately dictate bud size and pistil condensation. So … forget about CFL’s or LED’s …. You are going to waste your time… User either MH and HPS, or if you can afford only 1 use HPS and supplement with Cool white CFL while vegging as HPS is not very rated on the blue light wave frequency , you could get away with going exclusive CFL while veggiing, but make sure you keep to the rule of thumb (2000 lm / sq foot) .

    PH …

    PH is very important, her roots need to suck nutrients from the soil, this soil has a chemical composition just like most things on earth, ph too low or too high hurts your plant….. Easy way to test this,…. Go put your hand in a jar of acid …. Or lime, do I need to explain further ?
    Keep it at 6.5 as a general rule of thumb through all cycles of it’s life

    Nutes …

    I have had the best results using Hesi Hydro mixes, they take the pain out of worrying about feeding your plant.

    Humidity …

    Keep your humidity low while budding, this is the only practical advice I can give you about humidity, try 40%, you don’t want too much moisture in the air for mold to form inside you bud. During Veg, you can keep it nice and simple at about 55-60%, the plant’s synthesis is greatly improved if you can keep it stable at these conditions.

    Later I will post a new chapter, along with detailed drawings of how to develop a hydro system.
    The days when I started growing with Hydros a found a lack of exact details of how to build a system
    that will work with limited amounts of weird gagets not available in our "Independent" New South Africa.
    But, at this stage I am still drawing them, as there are alot to draw :)

    Any questions ?
  2. Okay, here we have the basic look of what you want when building a simple hydro system. I have chosen a hydro method that does not require any special materials, if you can find theis stuff in south-africa, you will find it anywhere.

    First off, get 2 bucket. 1 being about 10 galons, the other about 5. you need to go do some shopping for this, go to hardware store and take the buckets and test them out, fit them with each other, until you find a combination that works. The top part must fit snugly inside the bottom, without the need for you to do modifications, because trust me, that can get frustrating.

    If you cant find anything at buckets that fits into your 10 gallon bucket, go look for anything that might work at backing accessories or even at the kid's toy corner .... I'm sure you will find some combination of 2 buckets that will give you this effect.

    a picture will soon follow, anyone have a site where I can dump an Image ???

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