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Master Kush - Is it really the master?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Willy The Squid, May 27, 2010.

  1. Recently I have had the pleasure of toking the best I have ever smoked.

    I have smoked the majority of the popular kush strains, as well as a majority of others. I have to say, without of a shadow of a bout, Master Kush is by far the best I had ever smoked. From the moment you take the initial pull, you feel the weight of the smoke.

    I had some issues with finding a semi-safe place to smoke it. Smoking it inside is not an option since the buds alone smell up my entire room, the house would probably smell for a good 2-3 days. I have smoked it outside, but everytime I do, I get a call from my neighbors asking me if I was toking up (which is cool cause their friends). It wouldn't be as much of a problem if the neighbors next door were as friendly with me. Anyways, thats my only real complaint, and its a good one to have. :D

    Anyone else have any experiences with this wonderful bud?

    I don't know if it was just the quality of the weed, but I would easily say it was better than OG for me.

  2. haha master kush is always good, i prefer bubba, not sure why, gives me a less mellow high... Hindu kush tho...that shit will fucking wreck you... then there is...og kush.. which doesnt count cause its not a kush at all... its some mix breed of chemdog x something else from what ive heard... no one is ever really sure
  3. For smell try using a spoof. Take a small soda bottle or a roll from toilet paper or paper towels. I tape dryer sheets flat against one end then stuff it with more dryer sheets. its good for masking smell
  4. All kush strains get you the same high. There is really no differences between the high. I am a kush fan but if it gets me high i don't really give a fuck so enjoy that shit.
  5. Master O.G. Kush is the best kush hands down...
  6. Man for master kush the smell is so powerful and indescribable. LIke a really strong skunk, with like a creamy, coffee, soft, delicious undertone that it just fucking awesome.

    I nabbed a Q of it and i am loving it. Buds are small and dense and covered in Trichs.

    i bow down to the master.

  7. Yeah dude, was not expecting it. I know all the Kush have that skunky smell to them, but that shit was no joke.

    I got blue dream tonight to try for the first time, kinda pumped. I heard not to expect what I got from the Master Kush though.

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