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master kush experience?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Indica90046, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. has anyone taken(eat,smoke) master kush and get a bad case of psychedelic and paranoia instead of feeling mellow and mind shut down to go to sleep easier? i eat this supposely for night time edible with master kush in it and about 34 or 36% thc in it wouldn't it be to much for a mellow to go to sleep dosage? the cbd amount isn't on it and i dont think the clerks know.
  2. When i picked up some Master Kush it was 19.72 percent thc .47cbd, and it was straight fire. It was a up type of high at first, than a slow come down into the bed. Never seen Dispensary's put dosages of Edibles as a percentage, rather thc mg content. You have to find a reputable brand for edibles done right. I'd locate a new dispensary. All my shit makes me feel better, not worse. Korova is a good brand, 500mg thc brownies, it ensures you know what dosage you're taking in. Unfortunately in this industry more dispensary's are making a killing off false advertising. Don't buy edibles unless they're lab tested for mg content.
  3. Master kush is not a pure indica. Your better off with something like gdp for sleep
  4. yes sorry i meant 34 or 36mg thc the cbd amount wasn't on it and the experience i have with it is exactly like how you described, i get a crazy psychedelic high from it than the mellow relaxing one when i finally can fall asleep, which is actually what i want from it.
    Tokey McBong i know its a hybrid but unfortunately Master Kush is what they use in their indica night time edibles and i have heard it is hard to find pure indica strains in the dispensaries, i plan to try blackberry and hope it wont give the sativa high even if its just temporarily in the beginning.
  5. No it's easy to find pure indica it's not easy to find a pure sativa. I'm not saying it wont work but you should try smoking heavy indica instead of an edible at least one night, because imo edibles give you to much of a hangover the next day

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