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Master Kush Cure and Smoke Report (pics)

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by topuser, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. The Kush has been curing for about a week after a 5 day hang to dry and the early results tell me that Kush is a highly regarded medicinal plant for a reason.

    I took the plants at one day shy of 8 weeks flowering. I could have let them go 7-10 more days but opted to take them before the trichs had all clouded bc I wanted to see how much head I could get from the genetics.

    Taste: I am very anxious to see the full potential of the taste bc it is so subtle and mild in its development. It is the smoothest smoke I have ever had. Even when I smoked trich coated leaves freash out of a dehydrator before flushing I have yet to get a harsh hit. One thing is for sure curing is absolutely necessary to bring out the taste. It has a very airy, lemony sometimes menthol bite underneath it. Its very hard to nail down the taste in one word and imo is what makes me say it earns the right to be called "complex" but mild. I strongly believe that the finished taste will be lemony pine with a mild menthol aftertaste.

    Smell: You have to handle the bud to really get the full scent but when you do it is undeniable. Again, citrus lemon/orange with a medium skunk fragrance underneath. Sometimes it comes across like Lemony Pledge (the cleaner). I was prepared the entire grow to use a scent control strategy but never had to. That worried me at first. I like strong scent and have always equated it with strong bud. Not the case. The smell is really coming along tho-again, you must cure properly to realize this potential (like any true conisseure strain). Everyday we smoke a little to see how the cure is coming along and the smell gets stronger and clearer.

    High: This is the absolute best part of the strain. I call it "instant creeper" bc even though part of it hits you instantly you are not as high as you are going to be in about 30-45 minutes. The high is instant in the head behind the nose and forehead and moves down quickly. It def makes the crowd giddy and full of conversation. One seasoned toker remarked that "I think it is the most pleasant high I have ever had." I would have to agree- it really does make you happy when you smoke it. I have noticed myself involuntarily smiling several times sitting at my computer after smoking it.

    As far as the "creeper" aspect- after it gives you an initial boost it makes you think it has peaked in your head but then it hits you in your waist and ass for about 2 more hours. Two-three good joint hits and I would say its good for a 3 hour stone for the casual smoker while seasoned tokers might light up again after 2. Take 3-5 joint hits if you want to be "blasted" or 2 good bong hits will rip you wide open. Dont decidce what you want to do after just smoking it bc like I said there will be a second wave coming that might change your plans.

    I would say the THC is probably true to form at around 15-20%. No munchies, some cotton mouth but not unbearable, good to take a short nap midway through and very creative. Pick something you want to focus on or get into right before you smoke or have ppl over. It makes you very intercative with whatever you are doing and it wont bother you or make you paranoid to be social. This would be the stuff you would want to smoke to take the edge off an acid trip midway through. If nothing else you can just lie back on your bed and giggle at the electric waves running through you.

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  2. nice smoke report man +1
  3. very well done. is that 75g's off one plant?
  4. Thanks. No that is actually from 2 plants.
  5. cool i have 3 master kush in flower about half way done
  6. Sweet- are they Dutch Passion? Reason I ask is bc some Kush strains are crosses other than Two Hindus such as a hindu x skunk etc. Let me know when they finish i would love to know how yours turn out.
  7. you dont understand how sexy that looks to me.
  8. Great post. I've got six MK at start of week 7 right now. Everything you posted was right on! Yeah that lemon pledge smell conveys it about right. Did you do any LST with it? It didn't seem like a good strain for it. Also, I was worried about the flavor/aroma as well, great to hear a cure helps. I cloned 12 and am going to SOG 'em, thought that might be better the way the buds formed. Thanks for the confirmation!
  9. yes, they are dutch passion fem seeds. they are 124 days old & on day 32 of 12/12 out of 63 days to finish.
  10. Man those things look great. Very tasty. I just ordered some Hindu Kush that I am starting so I am super stoaked to try my first kush from my garden. Your buds look great man. Later
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  11. No-didnt do LST but yeah I think SOG would do well and actually a SCROG is what i had planned for next go round....one thing i would do diff if you have the means. Use a 1000 watt light. I used a 400 and the buds are not as tight as I would have wanted. I would also let them go 9 weeks if you are looking for weight and a more stoner feel- this strain still has plenty of head at 8 weeks which I enjoy in an indica as a change of pace from couchlock.
  12. nice pics, my man... shit is beautiful...
  13. hi is this dutch passion???
  14. nice looking harvest...good grow'n
  15. Yes, this is Dutch Passion. Also, I should add to this: Since this post I have chosen mothers from the best stock and it has really made a difference....DP has a good germ rate of the Kush but there are a fair amount of variations in the stock...my advice is to buy more than you may need and pick the best mother(s) for the "real crop". The DP MK strain can handle a lot of stress withour hermying and has a good yield. My only complaint is the the lack of uniformity.
  16. hi im growing this strain in a wilma 4 pot wit gh 3 part nutes,400w hps cooltube im 3 weeks into flowering an ive noticed that new growth is slighty yellow / light green ph is 5.8 and temp is 22c did you experience this or do you know the cause i doubt its nitrogen def as the older big leaves are still green
  17. yeah I doubt it would be a nitrogen def in flower that is usually a veg problem. I have experienced yellowing from one or two plants in every batch which is why I went with clone mothers from plants that didnt yellow. Also I had more yellowing under my 400 watt. Once I went to 1000 watt and a foliar I had no more yellowing in veg or flower. You may want to try an epson salt foliar spray because yellowing top leaves in flower can be a sulfur deficiency and not many ppl catch it. One tablespoon epson salt per gallon of water. A flush may help as well bc it seems the nutes are not keeping up with the growth and may be due to lockout.

    If you use a folair spray, spray the underside of the leaves twice a day for 2-3 days. Once when you first turn lights on and once about 20 minutes b4 you turn them off.

    One last thing- what is your ppm? Maybe they are underfed. MK likes a ppm around 1000-1200 in my experience.
  18. yeah nice job man looks yummy, also i would say if you would of done it with a 1000watter would of bin that much better u get your money worth when u chuck 1000watts in da picture nice phatty tight buds :p
  19. Definitely. I am using 3 1000's now and wont look back. Thanks for the comment.

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