Master Kush 300 watt stealth grow

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  1. Grow Setup
    The Space:

    - 4ft wide X 7ft high X 2ft deep Dresser
    - 250 watt MH/HPS
    - 4 26 watt 6400k Cfls
    - cold mist humidifier
    - 2 4" axel fans
    - 1 6" axel fan
    - 1 rotating fan

    The Plant:

    4 Master Kush (fem) plants
    Two of them 2 weeks and two of them 1 week veg.

    The Food:

    ProMix- BX soiless mix
    Advanced Nutrients Voodoo juice, Big Bud, B 52,& Overdrive

    Here are some pictures. The two week old plants had a ph problem in the beging but the new growth is looking realy good. I also transplanted them on may 4th to bigger pots.

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