Master Kaze

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  1. Master Kaze by Mr Nice
    (Master Kush Skunk x Afghan Haze)

    This is only my 2nd grow, 400w in soil. Started 10 got 5 females. 1 sativa dom, 2 indica doms, and 2 I can't put my finger on yet. Really easy to grow, not to many problems. I got 10 seeds left and have enjoyed it enough that I'm gonna do a second run with the 10 I have left.

    1st pic is of Indica dom, should be getting the chop in about 10 days:hello::hello:
    2nd is of Sativa dom
    3rd is group shot of all 5

    All pics are at 51 days flowering

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  2. Photo updates:

    #8 most indica out of the 5

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  3. #5 same indica structure but less indica stone then #8

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  4. #9 looks good but had no taste and very little smell even after a 4 week cure. Atleast it had ok potency.

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  5. Some qwiso made out of #5 and #8

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  6. And the last two #4 and #7.

    1st pic is #7
    2nd pic is #4 (most sativa)
    3rd pic is both with #4 on left #7 on right

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  7. Very nice what made you decide on that strain?
  8. Got a good deal on Mr Nice auctions. $25 for 20 seeds.
  9. Awesome that is nice. Hows the smoke taste and smell wise?
  10. I had already posted a smoke report on mr nice forum so copy and paste lol...

    Smoke reports:
    #5 - The smell kind of musky with pepper/spicy undertones. The bud is of medium density and when you break it up its has a strong citrus/lemon but it keeps the pepper/spicy smell as well. Its really close to the spicy lemon pepper seasoning you can buy for food. I really like it. The taste is all citrus/lemon, none of the pepper/spicy transfers.

    The high goes towards a hybrid, neither the head or body stone comes out on top. It's good to chill and watch a movie or listen to music. But if you keep smoking a serious couchlock comes in. You wont fall asleep but you wont move to much lol.

    #8 - The smell is Skunky/poo with a very small hint of citrus. This stuff is super dense. When you break it up its exactly like the smell. The taste is all skunky and only on the first hit of a bowl do you taste any citrus.

    The high leans pretty much towards indica. Awesome night time bud if your going to bed afterwards. It has that nice indica warm body high. You can smoke about half a bowl without getting tired but if you finish it off you'll be sleeping within the hour.

    #9 - This is the one I was most disappointed about. It had the niceest straight up skunky smell. It kept the smell but thats it. No bag appeal, very little taste at all. Not worthy of even talking about.

    #4 and #7 just went into curing so I'll update once they get to to atleast 3 to 4 weeks in.
  11. Cool sounds like you got a shitload of phenos haha.
  12. Yeah I did, 5 females 5 different phenos. But with it being a polyhybrid I was expecting alot of variation.

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