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  1. If anybody has questions about their current grow. Please feel free to ask. I have almost 20 years of growing experience and enjoy helping other growers. Please be detailed in you question and pictures always help. These picture are of a legal medical marijuana grow.





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  2. Yo whats up man! Im running a soil grow 1200 watts. Ive got fox farms ocean forest and happy frog. My plants look great in veg but right after flower they streched so much I do t think ill pull anytjing good... also im not using any synthetic nutrients just humic acid to preserve nutes in soil and fungal/bacteria tea to keep the soil healthy. My plants are dark green and look hethy do you think that will correlatw to big flowers or am I missing out not using the buds boosters and synthetic nutrients.lines?
  3. Here they are 10 days into flower. You can see how spaced the bud sites are. Feel like I grew a whole bunch of stem :{

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  4. Top canopy shot.

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  5. You can stay organic if you like. You must at least raise you phosphorus levels when flower cycle is started. Light height is usually the issue with excessive stretch during the first two weeks of flower. That being said, sativa or sativa dominant strains will stretch more then indicas during this first phase of flowering. Depending on the type of hood/reflectors you have will have alot to do with how far your lights should be from the top of your plants. I use 600 watt open reflectors and have my bulbs 14/16 inches above my top colas. Usually this is to close for open reflectors, but I keep a constant air flow across the top of my plants and the temp never goes above 77. If you want to add some nutrients/chems to your feeding regiment we can surely stop all stretch and increase yeild. Flushing for at least 14 days prior to harvest will remove all unwanted nutrients/chemicals.
  6. What is/are the strain(s)?
  7. I've got a question for u. Im growing a couple diffrent strains. Recently I had to flush my soil due to nutrent build up. And now going into my grow room my plants stink not a good stink either kind of a rotten eggish smell? I'm growing in soil. Fox farm ocean forset. 3 gal grow bags. Canna nutrents. Under 1800w hps I'm in my 2nd week into flowering. And the smell seems to me to only be coming off of my 3-4ft plants my smaller ones have a better smell to them. Could u give me any insight on what would be causing this? And I never noticed the bad smell bbefore I flushed them. Any help diffintly apprecate it. Thanks.

    chill & smoke some bud!
  8. Im running a platinum og, blueberry haze,, white widow
  9. I prolly started themm about 18-24 inches from the light sources. Ive got freakin 1200watts in that little tent. Just dont get why the colas look so tiny??? I have enclosed hoods sir air cooled. So phosphorous def. Is my biggest concern? Should i just use light amounts of it along the way?? Or wait for defficency to show???
    I use a black strap mollasses for bud boosting? Anything you like in particular tp help the girls?
  10. What size containers are you using? Besides nutrients and light height we are not left with many options. Any co2 being added during flower?
  11. The purpose of an all organic grow is to have all your ammendments in and being processed by microbes. There is no "raising phosphorous levels" come flower.
  12. Bone meal will raise phosphorus levels and not affect the microbs in any real way of concern. So, yes you can raise phosphorus levels during flowering. Next.
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  13. They started in dixie cup to 1 gal bags to 5 gal containers
    Im not using any co2. If I did add co2 whats cost effective and how do I maintain co2 levels??
    I just dont get whu those colas have like only 4 bud sites.....
    Im use to a nice foot long cola.. hahaha liter of cola
    Guess either toss those pheno of plati og
    Ive been using an earthworm casting tea for the fungi and bacteria.. maybe ill ad a small amount of some natty liquid bone meals and some Mollasses
  14. Yes. But the idea behind an organic soil is to have all your ammendments in there already. Not wait for deficiencies to show up and correct them. Next.
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  15. They look fine man, you can just supercrop the ones that have gotten away on you a bit and then drop the lights down on the main canopy which looks pretty good.
    Just pinch the stems a couple of inches below the average height of the rest of the tops and bend em over.
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  17. I want to make a pre-mixed foliar solution in liquid concentrate and 'ready-to-use' form.
    I am hoping some of you may offer your opinion on my proposed foliar solution, what it may be lacking or what it may not need or cross talk.

    Ideally I'd like to make a pre-mixed concentrate liquid.
    that i could add the brassinolide to before use.

    Here are is a collection of some of my questions:

    a) Can everything but BAP and tiacontanol be mixed together dry?

    b) Can they all be mixed together in concentrated liquid form?

    c) What are 'suggested' ratios (ppm?) for each of these components?

    d) Any cross talk?

    e) Anything need adding or need removed?

    f) When to apply and how often?

    Here is my mix (testing):

    benzylaminopurine (dry) .......must be disolved into a liquid
    bassinolide 0.1% (dry) .........must be added to liquid just before use ....and not stored unless frozen
    triacontanol (paste or liquid concentrate)
    Amino Acid Complex (dry)
    Fulvic Acid (dry)
    Yucca Extract (dry)
    Ascophyllum Nodusum Kelp (dry)

  18. could be too much nitrogen. deep green leaves that are perhaps even purple-ish in color, are sure signs of nitrogen toxicity. this can cause delayed flowering and excessive stretch. around week two i usually cut back the n while upping the p and k to let em know its time to flower.
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  19. Nitrogen toxicity in a soil line with no amendments?

  20. "im not using any synthetic nutrients just humic acid to preserve nutes in soil and fungal/bacteria tea to keep the soil healthy. My plants are dark green ..."

    no amendments? well, he's not running any synthetics. but humic acid and the organic tea's alone can be super high in nitrogen. especially with high levels of kelp or alfalfa meal.

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