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    @Gelato41 @Soil2Coco @trojangrower
    I'm recently switched from GH 3 part to Master Blend with Epsom salt and calcium nitrate, also flower fuel and potassium silicate.
    Here is soil2coco feeding schedule I've been following, so far so good. I'm 40+ days in flowering and the buds are starting to fall over and get very gnarly looking, thrics are so high you can throw a bud and it sticks to the wall. :)

    Magnesium sulfate
    Calcium Nitrate
    And Masterblend 4-18-38 base
    I love to be able to manipulate these throughout the grow. For instance I’ll go
    Early veg per 5 gallons
    3g magnesium sulfate
    6g Calcium Nitrate
    6g Masterblend base
    12 ml silica
    12 ml hydroguard
    Late veg per 5 gallons
    5g magnesium sulfate
    10g Calcium Nitrate
    10g Masterblend base
    12 ml silica
    12ml hydroguard
    For early flowering (week 3) per 5 gallons
    8g magnesium sulfate
    2g calcium nitrate
    8g Masterblend base
    1/2 dose Flower Fuel
    Mid flowering weeks 4-6 per 5 gallons
    10g magnesium sulfate
    1g Calcium Nitrate
    10g Masterblend base
    Full Flower Fuel dose
    Week before flush
    5g magnesium sulfate
    5g Masterblend base
    1/2 dose Flower Fuel
    flush for a week or so or until ppms come out under 200
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  2. I run a RDWC with RO water. The city water is around 350 and they use cloramines which kills my plants, so I have no choice but to run RO. Hell I can't even drink the water, it tastes like chemicals.
    Now my questions are PPM's?
    How high do I push the PPM's. Right now I'm running around 650--750.

    Also they are drinking around 5 gallons of water per day. I only hold around 25 gallons with the buckets now since the 5 gallon buckets are completely full of roots.

    Also should I maintain the ratio of 650--750 each time I add water? If I don't it falls to around 500 or so.

    And one more thing, salts buildup.
    Should I change the res once a week to fight salts from building up?
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    Wish I could take credit for it but I think it was @Soil2Coco feeding Schedule
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  4. I'm not familiar with those reagents/brand and also recognize it as @Soil2Coco's methods. I believe I should try this and thankfully you are carving out the straight and forward path. I have enough experience to say that different fertilizer brands have different recommended ppm/ECs, and even within the brands themselves, there can sometimes exist controversies/adaptations that will affect concentrations.

    As far as maintaining the res, its between 7-10 days unless something happens. I will flush my res from time to time with FloraKleen, for about an hour or two and then drain and replace with new soup. I have a detachable res that I won't hesitate to pull out and clean out with 1) peroxide and flush then add 2) bleach sizzle sizzle (careful!) and flush then rinse. That does happen between grows, but sometimes in the grow if there are concerns.

    Lastly, during the last couple/three weeks I start to add boosters and cut back on nitrogen if I can. Those boosters add quite a bit to the final product imo.
  5. That’s my feeding schedule

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  6. Yeah, sorry, I edited my post.
    What PPM's do you run?
  7. I run DTW with multi feeds mostly so it’s usually 500-600 ppm at most. Different animal than DWC

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  8. Ok thanks
    I'm running 650--750 now and they seem to like it
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  9. I’m glad you are having success. Now you’ll have nutrients for years at a very cheap per ounce cost. No need to spend the big bucks on all the AN or other watered down products. You made the switch to LED too so even lower cost.

    I can’t stay out of the hospital and the mites got me again so I haven’t harvested in two cycles. It’s killing me. Auto flowers going in the garden to break the indoor cycle. Hopefully I can rid the room of all traces of mites by winter. If I’m still alive and well and get back at it

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  10. @Soil2Coco
    I'll bring ye' some when I cut in a couple weeks if you are fairly close, within a state or two.
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  11. Thanks man, I appreciate the thought. I live in shitty NY state unfortunately

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  12. I don't like NY either.
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  13. wrong place
  14. @Soil2Coco glad to see you're still hangin on the forums. really sucks to hear the second round got mites too. that's a damn shame.
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  15. Hello, i ve recently buy and try Master blend. I work with osmosis water, hydroponics système (ebb and Flow) and I ve followed the programm from soil2coco. But I have a problem with à big calcium deficiency. Do you have someone the same problem ?
    Sorr y for my english, i m french grower.
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    The problem is appeared on week 2 grow. Very quickly.
  17. I grow in soil but with that masterblend 3 parts, you can not mix the calcium in with the master blend and epsom salts. Mix the master blend in Epsom salts mix up first in your water then add a little more water then add your calcium then finish off your water and adjust pH. If you mix it all at once things work against each other. Hope this helps maybe you already knew this.
  18. Given to me by Soil2coco

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    Thanks Clearsky and Harddrive for the complet programm.
    I know you have to incorporate each part differently. J incorporated first masterblend, then calcium and last magnesium, each individually.
    Harddrive, do you use osmosis water or tap water ? I ve called "hydroponics euro", which sells Master blend in Europe, they tell me they use Just tap water. What do you think about this ?
    Maybe the problem is caused by osmosis water...

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