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Massive Pipe Bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by deadhead716, May 4, 2011.

  1. Okay, so I got a used car, and when I opened the trunk there was a massive, brand new pvc pipe in the trunk left from the previous owner and my friend and I were like woah man, giant bong. It's a van and it's literately the length of the van and half a foot in diameter. So I ask you guys

    What's the practicality of making a bong out of it? isn't pvc not good for bongs because it's like toxic? but wouldn't it not melt? I'm not to knowledgeable on bongs. Also, is it worth the immense effort of making one that big? We plan on keeping it in an abandoned fishing house on a lake that we smoke at, so storage and transportation aren't a really a problem.
  2. you will never clear it. $10000000 says it hear and now.
  3. Oh yea, for sure.

    Is there a way to make that functional? As I said, I'm unknowable about about bongs, I've only smoked from one a few times, never even conceived the idea of building one before yesterday. I'm mostly a j guy
  4. anythings possible but theres no point in making a bong you cant clear.
  5. At 420 there was a guy with a huge wooden bong and you would rip the full bowl exhale then take your hoot lol people just lined up to hit it

    And OP, all you have to do is make sure the bowl is metal and you want the bowl as far away as possible from any plastic, so try to make a metal downstem or something thats not gonna melt.

    All you need is common sense and a little imagination and you can do anything
  6. if i was gonna do it i would do it with a glass stem/bowl. and i would connect hose to the bottom of the stem and run it down to the bottom. and have the bowl about a foot from the top. that way you have a 1 foot chamber and the smoked would be clean as hell.
  7. It is possible, just not practical. A 6" diameter is pretty big for a mouth
  8. I've read somewhere that PVC is not a safe material to use as a smoking device. :)
  9. That sounds pretty big man. Biggest I went was a g bong with a full sized street cone and a trash can. Took about eight people to clear.
  10. I'd attach a funnel or something to make the diameter smaller
    and great idea wv dro, we'll need a fucking bucket brigade from the lake to fill it up haha

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