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Massive Headache When Coming Down

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by n00baphobia, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. ya this happens to me too if i smoke a lot in one sitting. but i will get the headache before i start crashing. it probably has something to do with the carbon monoxide. carbon monoxide attaches to your blood cells and prevents oxygen from getting to them which sounds like it could cause a headache. also the reason why you get tired.
  2. I used to have headaches too. But not anymore. Basically, I do believe that I was smoking very bad quality stuff. Very bad hash, making me stoned, but I'd always feel like shit after. I thought it was a part of the "process", but when I started smoking dank hash, which I later got from my hook up, it disappeared.

    If it's dank weed/hash, then it must be something else. Low blood sugar? Dehydrated? Hungry? Not drinking or eating often result in headaches...

    Hopefully you'll figure it out. Let us know if you find out what's causing this :)

    - Serenity
  3. When I smoke blunts, and others smoke blunts, they take the tobacco out. I've never seen someone keep tobacco in the blunt, it's always been 100% bud. On the other hand, spliffs (bud and tobacco in a joint paper, basically a joint with tobacco) are common, but I don't like tobacco and I think it ruins the taste of perfectly fine dank bud. Theres no reason to add tobacco IMO to a joint, or a blunt.

  4. Yeah, it's most definitely dank weed that I'm getting. So I know it's not from the quality of the weed. I'm going to visit the doctor find out if my blood sugar levels are where they're supposed to be and then mess around with how much I eat/drink before and during smoking see if it helps.

    It just SUCKS feeling like absolute shit after coming down.

  5. I get you man. Hopefully you'll figure this out. I really wish I could give you better advice, but that's what worked for me, and it went away when I stopped with the Schwag ass hash, and got some dank hash.

    Anyways, the best of luck!

    - Serenity

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