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Massive Headache When Coming Down

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by n00baphobia, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. I've been smoking for quite a while and have always gotten headaches when I'm coming down from my high. I don't know why this happens... I just kinda learn to live with it but it's pretty annoying.

    Anybody else get these headaches? And if you do, how do you avoid them??

    I hear it's from bad weed or if you smoke too much.
    But both of those don't apply to my situation...
  2. Are you smoking blunts?
  3. Low Blood Sugar

  4. Nope I'm smoking out of a glass piece. And it doesn't matter what I'm smoking out of. It always happens.

    Damn... I'm probably going to go in and get checked for that. Oh well.
  5. I dunno, this only happens to me whenever I smoke massive amounts very quickly. I know what you're talking about though.

  6. Yeah man it blows. Such a bad headache, and then I feel like sleeping the rest of the day. That's why the best time, IMO, is to smoke an hour or two before bed.
  7. Your body is used to being high
  8. Smoking blunts or joints wont give you a headache. Thats a big urban myth, also like smoking stems will give you headaches, another myth.

    I'm not a doctor, so I don't really know. We don't know anything about you physically. I've got headaches sometimes after I came down, not sure what it was.
  9. Then do all you can to make sure you never come down :smoking:

    ...another problem solved!
  10. Everytime?

    Tolerance issues maybe. I think you may be smoking too much. Cut back to 1-3 hits every sesh. If that doesn't help, you should just quit smoking.

    Good luck though. :smoking:
  11. The only time I've ever gotten a headache while coming down was after I smoked over 2 grams of bud...I just felt like shit after. Food, water, and rest helps, of course.
  12. Could just be dehydration Make sure ur drinkin some water. I used to get them to till I startted to drink a lot more water while I was tokin.
  13. I get headachy highs from sativa strains. I LOOOOVE Indicas.

    Also, dehydration and low blood sugar could be the culprit. Or maybe your body just reacts that way. People are all different.
  14. I always get this. It's like 5% of the reason I quit smoking. We'd occasionally smoke mids, I'd be high for like 30 mins than the worst headache. If I didn't go to sleep I'd be in pain the whole duration and feel cloudy and shit.
  15. No, it's not. If people aren't accustomed to tobacco in their smokes it'll damn sure give them a headache or a really intense buzz. Over done tobacco buzzes are kind of like greening out. I've 'greened' out from black and milds before believe it or not.
  16. Low Blood Sugar is pretty common, but I would probably get checked just in case you may be slightly diabetic or hypoglycemic but it is not usually life threatening. I have hypoglycemia so I know how it feels.

    Buy a bag of fun-size snickers and pop one or two of 'em when you get a headache until you can find a more satisfying meal to eat.
  17. Drinking caffeine while smoking or after can help as well.

  18. I pop 2 capsules of Advil after coming down and then it all gets better. I hope quitting smoking isn't a decision I'll have to make... ever...

    Yeah my mom has some blood sugar problems, so I may be prone to some blood problems there... I'll def check on it.

    Actually now that you say something, eating food does help a little bit and relieve the headache I feel afterwards. Thanks a lot.
  19. Really? I know a few people who have turned down blunts because they said all the tobacco gives them a headache. Didn't know it was just a myth after all haha.
  20. [quote name='"Illmatic94"']

    Really? I know a few people who have turned down blunts because they said all the tobacco gives them a headache. Didn't know it was just a myth after all haha.[/quote]

    U don't have to have tobacco in ur blunt that's just a choice.

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