Massive frozen foods recall. MASSIVE!

Discussion in 'General' started by ajroxit, May 4, 2016.

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  1. That is a ridiculously huge recall.
  2. And THIS is why it's better to just try and make all of your own meals at home from scratch to the best that you can. Sure it's hard in this day and age but a little hard work never hurts anybody. If you have the money to afford it, DO IT you will be better off for having done so.
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  3. damn. good thing the only thing frozen i have is Ben & Jerry's ice cream and i don't see it on there
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  4. Did you even look at the list? This is frozen vegetables. Which is what a lot of people use to make their own meals at home from scratch...
  5. I think he means grow it yourself.

    Well...maybe not lol

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  6. Dude this may have gotten me sick! One morning i woke up, pain in my sode,nauseas, threw up, went back to bed, and repeated this process. Then the vomiting stopped that day and the next but i still had the pain. The fuck

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  7. Damn, even the organic stuff is being recalled.
  8. None of you even know what it feels like to be a recalled frozen vegetable.

  9. We had a recall of frozen lasagna it had horse meat I had one in the freezer I still ate it that shit was good

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  10. Are you in the UK? I remember they had an issue with horse meat a few years ago.
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  11. I knew it. The New World Order. .. it begins....

    They're poisoning our food supply, flushing hormones into our drains ... turning us all into homosexuals, and democrat voters.

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