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  1. If cannabis is now legal how come every time i smoke in my own house police drive up and down my street.
  2. Because you are paranoid.
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  3. i dunno, my block is a circle and they just keep makin loops
  4. That's how circles work...
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    It might just be where the police patrol on there shift lol, at one of my friends house the police roll by every 40 minutes its just the how they patrol the area lol I wouldn't let it bother you I'm always smoking when they roll past his house and they never do anything
  6. Cracked me up. Unless you are smoking by the pounds, there's no way they could smell a blunt in your house from the streets inside their cars.

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  7. ya but my neighbors complain and called them at one point when i was ripping my bong so now they love to drive by.
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