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Massachusetts Strains?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by 2313, May 31, 2013.

  1. Does anyone recognize this strain? I know its hard to do with just a picture but it is very dense and has a strong earthy smell. So far people have suggested it could be northern lights, hindu kush, or G-13. Any ideas?

  2. Nobody can tell you even if we were there smoking it with you, let alone just hearing a description over the internet. The people that tell you it's "_____" are talking out of their ass, you can't know for sure unless you grow it yourself, know the grower, or your dealer knows the grower. After going through a couple dealers weed name tends to change to increase market value.
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    False. Dunno about you but I can pinpoint several strains just from their characteristics (ie look, smell, how it smokes, etc). For instance, it's pretty easy to tell if you have real Sour Diesel by the smell (should be citrusy with a strong hint of fuel) and look (should look like shit bud but covered in crystals and hairs). Could do the same thing with other strains like GDP, Maui Waui, Blue Dream or any of the other strains i've seen enough to know the difference between real and not.
    And to OP, it might help if you post a picture of the bud. Your description of it being dense and earthy smelling indicates it's probably (not definately) an indica dom but not a kush because kush's tend to have that distinctive punch-you-in-the-nose skunk smell rather than an earthy one. How's the high? Like does it feel like a stony indica or is it more of an uplifting sativa? Or maybe a little of both? Again it's rather hard to tell for sure without seeing or smelling the bud right in front of me
  4. You do understand strains have different phenos right? You can smoke one strain, 2 different phenos, and the bud can be very different. Just because one strain is supposed to smoke/smell/look a certain way doesn't mean every plant grown from those genetics will be the same unless it's a clone only strain.
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  5. It doesn't seem to work when I try and post a picture

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