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massachusetts question

Discussion in 'Security' started by oldfogey, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. i have not started growing anything but would like to. my house however is pretty close to a school(less than 1000 ft). i am planning on only growing a few plants once or twice a year for personal use. if i get busted, do i go to jail because i am so close to a school? when i was a kid, the word was the authorities would use the dirt and everything to determine weight(which at my age now sounds ridiculous). that is bullsh!t, right? as far as getting seeds, i am looking at hollistic seeds out of san diego who apparently ship within the states. i don't want to incriminate anyone by having the seeds shipped to them. i have read a lot of people's posts saying never, ever, never, ever get seeds/lights, etc shipped to where you are growing. should i just pack it in and give up now?
  2. With medical Mj being legal in your state now, is there a valid reason for you to get a prescription for it? Also maybe you can apply for a legal license to grow there? I dont know anything about the laws or how there written since its brand new but it may be worth some research.

    Growing a couple plants a year inside really equates to growing for the whole year pretty much. You really cant pick and choose unless you had access to some clones or vegged plants already. A MJ plant will take time to veg and then it will take time to flower.

    Seed banks in the review section here on grass city offer numerous banks that will ship to you.

    I dont know about growing illegally that close to a school thats something you should look up. It may carry a mandatory minimum sentence though all this info should be able to be located for your state.
  3. thanks. i saw that table the other day which was what prompted me to post my questions. i was kind of looking for some anecdotes/real life experiences. the 'within 1000 ft of a school' things bugs the crap out of me. seems like if i am growing for myself in my house in a locked room, there should be no special circumstance because someone lives close to a school. i have looked into the medical angle too. it is really too early in the game to figure out how the laws/rules will be set up or enforced. nor is there a list of friendly doctors or any dispenseries. from that table though, i am leaning towards growing some hot peppers instead...
  4. you can start growing on the 1st legallly? i dont know for sure....the mass gov has 120 later to make up the rules. cant have more than 60 days worth, whatever that is. i plan on seeing my shrink today and asking for a letter since i meet the requirements.
  5. i was looking at the requirements for other states and some wont allow a prescription for psychological issues because there is 'no evidence' it is effective. i have had osteoarthritic pain for years that my doctor prescribed a super strength version of aleve for. now i am on blood thinners so i can't take that anymore. most of the other pain relievers damage your liver if you take them too much. a little smoke makes my pain go away. i don't know nor do i care if it is due to the anti-inflamatory properties or if it is psycho-somatic, i just know it works. i don't have any of the recognized maladies though so i am probably out of luck. my doctor is anti-pot anyway. i should probably look for another one...

  6. u should read my thread about how i went to see my shrink today about the new law....he was not a proponent lets say
  7. i think the route to go in massachusetts if you have an actual condition is to get your medical records with your physicians confirmation of said condition. Then bring that to paperwork to any doctor specializing and knowing benefits of mmj. Pretty sure one opened up in NATICK/FRAMINGHAM Jan. 7th Any of YOUR doctors i think will be skeptical to advocate mmj, but have no problem handing you a 3 month supply of opiates. Hmmm.

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