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Massachusetts Pickup!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by bosstone, May 19, 2010.

  1. Picked up my first bit of Massachusetts weed today. Not sure of the strain, but the dealer says its headies, and it was 20/g. A bit pricey in my opinion, but he's the only guy I know right now. Here's a pic:
    It has a very fruity smell to it. I think it will smoke quite well.

    Let me know what you think =)
  2. edit: all good, you fixed it :p
  3. It looks good. Not $20/g good, but good nonetheless. Typically i pay $35 an eighth for bud that looks like that in Central MA. Whatever, if it gets you stoned than that's what's up!!
  4. Like already said it doesn't look quite as good as 20/g should, but its a solid start while looking for other connects.

    Toke up
  5. Dave, you're from Central MA? No whey!
  6. Yeah man people from the fucking north are fags!!!! if you were down south or west you would never pay that. order a pound and rob that yankee fuck!!!!
  7. yahweh!!!
  8. I'm from the cape cod area of mass and I pay $20/g too.

    Looks straight.
  9. where in MA?
  10. i get that shit 10$ a G (508).

    Plenty of good cali herb in mass just gotta find the right ''dude''

    Suggestion: If your not to old and you like extreme sports chill at the skate park for a couple weeks and make some friends im sure they get the hook up.:smoke:
  11. Murs: Central Mass area.
  12. Haha 508 no way same here.
  13. mass. is the best place to be. rep 508
  14. 978 , Mass ^
  15. X3......

    I just picked up last night, dankity dank ounce.....
  16. I had that exact looking bud for the same price, my guy called it Lemon Haze. It was incredibly sticky and didn't break up to a lot but got me stoned off my ass.
  17. Looks like it could be dro. But who knows it could deffinately be headies. Ive sene shit similar to this and im from the 508 too. Didnt know there were so many people from the area on here.
  18. im in the 508 as well.
    im still lookin for some good bud. all i can find in my area is middies and on occasion some headdies. if any of you in the 508 or 413 know of any good sources that would be greatly appreciated.
  19. looks alright, 20/g is standard for dank, single grams kinda a pain in the ass to deal. people keep saying they pay less for dank in central mass are full of shit..if it is then post your bud pics...ive never seen anyone from cntrl mass post pics

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