Massachusetts Medical Marijuana proposal: No home grow, no chronic pain

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  1. That doesn't seem good.
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    It's a step forward though.
  3. That is complete garbage. I don't care how many people fake the pain to get medical marijuana. I have very real pain backed by a medical discharge from the military and hundreds of pages of medical documentation. Percocet and vicadin take the edge off the pain but Marijuana ENDS the pain. After smoking I actually notice my back more because it feels so loose and limber. Anyone that has actual chronic pain and found a way to remove that pain knows the feeling. But of course I should spend hundreds of dollars while destroying my organs for less relief, that makes sense. I should also, if for some reason did qualify, have to spend hundreds of dollars a month getting that relief from Marijuana instead of 50$ yearly for a license and 20$ for a year supply of seeds.
  4. I feel ya man it's bullshit i mean decriminalization is a step in the right direction but i want a properly functioning medical program in the near future.Sick people shouldnt have to interact with street dealer's and avoid police just to feel relief.
  5. I'm living in Virginia right now so I'm pretty much just laying around all day. When I lived in Maine I didn't have medical but the penalties were very light and I was confident I could have made an affirmitive defense so I was hitting the gym everyday. Here, not so much.

  6. Yup. I have a friend in Virginia he says the same shit
  7. that is a horrible proposal...I wish Mass would take the initiative in legalization just as in the past when we criminalized the substance in the first place
  8. I live in Cambridge, very close to Harvard University. Just last night my buddy and I were walking to the T when we smelled some funky shit. It was a 50 something year old couple smoking on their front steps. Its been a great having everyone just being so much open about it. Growing up Oxy and heroin destroyed us, especially the south shore. We had so many dead kids and more violence. Now days its still here but not nearly like it was in the 90s. Now everyone just kinda smokes and we have so much more of a community feel. It just feels like its changing and everyone knows it. I just got home from a nice walk in the commons. Beautiful night, beautiful bud and no one acting stupid. I hope MA keeps progressing towards all out legalization because it really makes no sense why it shouldnt be! Hemp has sooooo many uses and if we make an industry out of it just think of the jobs and businesses it would spur not to mention the taxes our awful government would make off of us. Its kinda win win and I just dont know why the government doesnt see that. Alcohol is a proven killer, tobacco is a proven killer but weed doesnt really kill anyone.
  9. I'll take it, it's a start.

  10. Yup. It's awesome! Weed smoking is much more liberal now...if you ever journey to Vermont you will see they have their shit in check as well. New England for the most part has its head on straight
  11. The article looks to be full of shit. Chronic pain is not excluded as far as see:

    (C) “Debilitating medical condition” shall mean:

    Cancer, glaucoma, positive status for human immunodeficiency virus, acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), hepatitis C, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis AND OTHER CONDITIONS AS DETERMINED IN WRITING BY A QUALIFYING PATIENT'S PHYSICIAN.

    So why can't "OTHER" be chronic pain?

  12. AHHHH Vermont. The green state! I fucking love it there. i really just wish our government didnt have thier head up their ass! The business marijuana would bring and decline of crime would be awesome. Hell McDonalds is so much more destructive to this country

  13. Don't forget about connecticut lol, AKA the "south of the north." Drug laws are super conservative here, and while it is decriminalized under half an ounce, there's no real possibility of medical being legalized in the near future because every hick and ghetto child here has their head up their ass and could care less.

  14. Yeah WTF Connecticut?! I hate driving through there. Got pulled over near Hartford once. Cop was a legit asshole. I just have the feeling most government types in Connecticut are.
  15. Agreed. Government giveth, government taketh. Allowing them, (actually, their "corporate partners" which now ARE our government) to have all the control of supply and distribution sets the stage for whatever they like to increase their profits and marketplace controls. If you rail against the idea of a Monsanto or Phillip Morris controlling medical marijuana, you should NOT endorse the STATE'S control of medical marijuana, as it plays right into the hands of said corporations. That is not progress. That is destruction of rights and further abuse. Medical marijuana legislation more and more is simply becoming a trojan horse for corporate control. Do not be too quick to think it is "positive" or a "step in the right direction." Quite the opposite.

  16. I wouldnt mind if corporations took control of cannabis. It would mean it would be super cheap!

    If the corporations didnt provide a good product, nobody would buy it. They would have to grow cannabis right to get the customers. You cant fool stoners. If they tried selling mids at dank prices, they wouldnt sell shit!

    Trust me. The consumer would take care of the market in this case.

    Besides you cant patent a plant, so anybody with enough money to start up a buisness could grow and sell it! the people who treat the customer right would get all the buisness.

    Stoners love smoking and talking to each other. Stoners would spread word of the best bud from what places.
  17. So...let me just make sure I am hearing you correctly...the same corporations which now currently support and promote prohibition, you are OK with them being your cannabis supplier, and long as it's "cheap?" Look at what the Walmart phenomena has done to this nation on the back of "cheap" Chinese goods. Is that good for Americans? Yes, a very select few who will profit. But otherwise, jobs went away, manufacturing went away. All in the name of "cheap." Fuck cheap. Seriously. That mindset has allowed the corporate control to begin with. ;)
  18. If corporations took over the weed you would find on the market would be mids. No doubt about that. Look at tobacco. You have to go to tropical countries and buy local tobacco if you want some real dank baccy. Everything sold in American gas stations and convenience stores, where 99% of the tobacco is bought, is decent at best. It would be the same for weed.

  19. Yeah fuck corporations taking control. They have done nothing for the consumer. We used to have good, easy to work on cars that lasted, now we have pieces of shit. Just let me grow on my own. Id be happy then

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