Massachusetts Mayor wants to ban "Lazy Cakes"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ProvidencePlant, May 13, 2011.

  1. F.R. Mayor Wants to Ban Popular Snack |

    Politicians nerfing the world one snack food at a time...
  2. I'm not sure how I stand on this.

    The only effect I know of taking too much Melatonin is dependence on it to go to sleep . . .

    There is no way there is literal melatonin in the cakes though either, it's the name of a neurotransmitter.

  3. I find the banning of food/drink ridiculous either way the gov't doesn't have the right to tell you what you can and can't eat lol...
  4. Its funny they want to ban a brownie with melatonin in it. I wonder if the law maker is aware you can buy an entire bottle of melatonin pills in the vitamin section of any store.
  5. Lazy cakes kinda suck anyway :smoke:

    But this is why we need ol' Ron in office, so maybe the gov't will stay out of dictating what is and isn't good for us
  6. "Even though the product says it's not intended for children's use, it's psychedelic packaging and its cartoon character, known as Lazy Larry, indicate otherwise," he continued."

    Bullshit. I watch cartoons all the goddamned time and I'm an adult. Has this asshole never heard of Family Guy or South Park? I'm tired of these retards thinking anything with a cartoon character or bright colors automatically means it's marketed towards children...
  7. It's not really 'laced' if the intended use is to cause someone to be lazy. as in...lazy cake.
  8. This makes more sense than banning toys in happy meals, but stupid nonetheless.
  9. 8 milligrams is a lot of fucking melatonin, he's not making melatonin illegal
    i can imagine someone buying this thing and expecting a brownie but passing out after

    2 mg puts me to sleep

    he's not banning melatonin, or brownies
    so i don't see the problem

    banning might be too much, put more labels on it perhaps? 8 milligrams is just fucked though you sleep on that and you'll have nightmares that are so realistic you'll think your in hell
  10. oh yeah?

    ever try eating one of those toys?

    they taste like shit. and are super hard..
  11. I thought those cakes were made with spice haha. Now I know it's just another chemical. I would worry more about the bath salts, but I don't think either should be banned.
  12. I like how they don't mention it's a naturally occurring chemical in humans, and all it does is regulate your sleep pattern. The kid just wanted to take a nap, damn.
  13. so disappointed...
    I read the topic, thought YAAAHOOOOO finally..:hello:

    Then I read on...damn, just another braindead politicians reactionary ignorance about a product...and I was hoping to see it be about firing all the lazy 'cakes' (aka; politicians - that don't show up for work, to do their jobs, to vote, like most politicians do all the time):devious:

  14. mmmMMmmm tasty lead based toys from china, using steel from nuclear reactors for the metal parts...your kids will glow with excitement, who couldn't resist...:p
  15. It's not that surprising.

    It's kind of funny that even though it says not for children consumption and a kid eats it who do we blame..parents or brownie........

    If I recall correctly there has never been a death from melatonin nor any long term health risks from it but whats a rational thing to do OUTLAW, CRIMINALIZE.......but in all seriousness though I take from time to time when I don't have any pot melatonin, and hell ya, at those levels it may not kill you but it'll sure knock you out.

    The brownie sounds good though.
  16. Fucking ridiculous.

    Welcome to the 21st century-Democunist ideals for the entire public:

    Lazy cakes sent one person to the hospital-Therefore: They are BAD.

    Aspirin sends 76,000 people to the hospital-Too fucking bad.

    Fuck our government.

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