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Massachusetts K9 Question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MarijuanaMole, May 11, 2011.

  1. Are K9's considered officers of the law in Massachusetts? I ask because I saw a thread where a guy said he declined a search, and when a cop said he was bringing the dogs in, he said k9's were officers of the law as well and were not welcome to search his vehicle for drugs. I tried googling this but there's so much legal jargin I don't understand on most of the sites, not to mention every site is a wall of text that I'd rather not sift through to find the answer to my question.

    tl;dr: Are k9's technically considered cops and can I tell the officer to go get bundled by a drunk driver if he tries to pull that shit with me? (In more polite terms, of course)
  2. idk if k9 are considered cops but you shouldnt smart off to pigs op. my friend did that once and we both got arrested for it.
  3. Oh don't worry about that. I don't have the balls to say any of the things I say online in real life!!
  4. are you asking this in reference to the new law about odor not being probable cause anymore?
  5. Not really, but I love that that law exists. That and decriminalization makes Massachusetts a pretty sweet state to smoke in. I just want to know because if a dog ever fucks me over with weed I HAVE to use the following phrase as I'm handcuffed:

    "And I would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling cops and that stupid dog!"
  6. Well, the real issue is that your friend was talking out of his ass. Whether or not they are considered officers of the law (doubt it, I'm sure you won't get charged with murder for shooting one, but who knows there could be some sort of penalty I have no idea) that's completely moot. If they bring in a dog it's because the officer feels he has probable cause.
  7. For the record, it was some dude on this site, not that it particularly matters. Thanks for answering me though dude.
  8. I think its more like if some asshole kicked the dog then that would be assaulting an officer. I doubt the dog has a badge or anything, just a technicality to keep him safe.

    Unless they have a dog with them you should be fine to say you do not consent and are late or something and must be on your way if you are not being placed under arrest.
  9. The thing is, no, the dog cant search the inside of your car BUT he can smell outside of it so technically its not "searching". Fuckin pigs and their loopholes
  10. Police Dogs in Mass. are not considered police officers, they're considered police dogs and therefore rules that apply to a police officer may not apply to a police dog. Courts have held that a properly trained police dog's alert is probable cause. In Massachusetts an officer needs no reason to walk a dog around a car on a stop. There is no expectation of privacy in the odor around a car, in a public place. If a K-9 alerts to the presence of narcotics in a vehicle, by sniffing the outside of the vehicle, probable cause has been established. The result would be an interior search of the vehicle, because probable cause has been established at that point.

    Drug users and dealers will find K-9's being used a lot more since the recent Massachusetts case Cruz. The court found that the odor of burnt marijuana alone does not necessarily mean that there is more than an ounce of marijuana in the vehicle and therefore a seach of the vehicle by officers was unreasonable. Because a K-9 alerts to many different narcotic odors, there is no way of telling what odor the K-9 is alerting to. So the K-9 alert to the presence of a narcotic still establishes probable cause and an interior search would be justified.

    I hope this answered your question. A good rule of thumb is, if there's a K-9 on scene or coming to the scene and your riding dirty, your f**ked. Remember the Jay-Z song? You got 99 problems and K-9 is one.
  11. Idk if dogs are but im pretty sure police horses are considered officers lolz
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    Ur an idiot. Ya u can tell them not to go in ur car but if a dog hits on ur car for drugs they are going to search every inch till they find even the smallest roach ever.

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