Massachusetts getting closer!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by DIABL0, Jul 18, 2017.

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  1. Honestly, I just hope they pass this and get it over with. I hate that they feel the need to "fix" the law that we passed, but at least we can get this industry off the ground! And the new bill actually provides more protections in a lot of ways compared to the one passed by voters. At least the tax isn't going to be 28% like the house was calling for. All in all, this bill is a good compromise between the original law and the legislature's need to feel important. It doesn't restrict us any more than the original law and we can focus on setting up a thriving industry.
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  2. they say dispensaries in mid 2018 so I'm thinking that means around June of next year?
  3. I believe the law currently says that they can open in July of 2018. Let's just hope they don't feel the need to "fix" that again, too.
  4. July 2018. It sucks that the legislature feels that they have the right to just change laws that are voted in by the constituency. This God forsaken state is ridiculous. Hopefully they are done with this and leave it be. And the damned media coverage bothers me too. When they start the marijuana segments, they have to play videos of stereotypical stoners. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but why not have file footage of a business professional toking a blunt? The marijuana advocates and users cover all generations and social statuses. Not just the ones that they show in their segments. Mass has about 4.3 million registered voters. With a 75% voter turnout this last election, you know that the majority of the 53.6% that voted in favor of legalization are most likely over the age of 25. Why constantly only show the younger generation?
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  5. And this is for recreational sales. Medical dispensaries are a total seperate entity and are open now. We can't walk in and buy even though it's legal. Foolish if you ask me.
  6. I cant wait for there to be commercials on tv like they have for beer but have some dude in a suite smoking a blunt after work.
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  7. Unfortunately, this is banned in Mass. You can't advertise anywhere unless 85% of the audience is over 21. I'm not quite sure how they intend to enforce that.
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  8. ya its just a fantasy of mine:weed:
  9. No it's 20% which is a complete travesty. If the state hacks want to raise taxes have a referandum and do it don't slam it on the sly like they are doing on this. This state really is a hack fest...Massachusetts home of the Sweatheart deal.
  10. I agree with you. Why dont they show all the stiffs and bluto people who drink and that whole debauchery. Oh that's right booze is an accepted sin. For years they banned booze comercials now they are back on the tube. Every group has it's subsects and how they get propagandized is usually the doing of "all politics is local". In my town we voted against so now my local selectman have the authority to exclude dispensaries. A NIMBY thing yes and however you side on that the voters should not suffer subjugation in any way shape or form.
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  11. I'm not too thrilled about the law, but I'm just glad they didn't pass the original house bill. It sucks about your selectmen having the power to decide for your town. I really feel for those of you in towns like that who lost your voice temporarily. But the thing you have to remember is that in MA, we actually have a direct say in our laws. Many other states don't allow voter initiatives. And we, as voters, can (and should) propose and support new ballot initiatives to tweak the law ourselves. This process isn't over, even if the legislature thinks it is.
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