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Massachusetts Dank Thread*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Mikesu58, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Didn't see any threads about the bud in the Mass area, so decided to start one. Anyway picked up some kush and have some pics of the Bluedream I had before the kush, tell me what you guys think :smoke:

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  2. Looks good man. I've been hearing about some Blue Dream going around here lately I'm from MA as well, South Shore until the start of September but normally western MA.
  3. Yeah i'm from Chicopee,ma haha
  4. Nice that's pretty close to where I go to school. If you don't mind me asking, how much did you pay for these buds?
  5. I payed 150 for a half oz for both strains
  6. That's a solid price for the area. My usual grab is 6 for 1500, but to get that low of a price on just a half is a steal. Especially considering how dry MA can be during August.
  7. Springfield is never dry lol, I can drive there in like 10 minutes from where I live in chicopee. Weed city
  8. Im sure yall heard of brockton before.. But have any of you had a hard time finding sativa dominant strains out in the south of boston area? Everyone i ask is too stupid to know what that means or doesnt know where to get it
  9. Dude, not a lot of the guys I know would know what the hell I was looking for if I asked for "Sativa dominant bud" but if you research what commerical strains are more sativa dominant and look for them, that usually works out pretty good.
  10. I approve :D

    Anyone notice that KB disappeared?

    KB was my shit. nothing buts mids or that goody now.
  11. Still, if you consider yourself a stoner, then you should know what sativa nuggies are/do, but ill try thatt thanks bro
  12. Never heard of KB but from my personal stoner experiences, I've classified a few levels of Mass bud-
    Dirt mids* "Brownish green full of stems and seeds, looks like shake, and resembles dirt after broken up.
    Mids* "Regular green low quality weed, has a faint woodsy smell, some stems and seeds, dry"
    Az* "Green with orange hairs, smells like mids, not many seeds or stems, almost seems like it could have been dank but was poorly grown"
    Headies* "No named higher quality bud, usually smells pretty good, kind of sticky, hairy, what you'd think of when somebody was like "Wanna smoke some green bro?"
    Dank* "Commercial named strains, usually imported from out of state, matching medical marijuana quality, Smells amazing, smokes great, you can get lost in the bud by staring at a nug too long, Crystally with distinct strain specific qualities." Yeah I took the time to make this list lol, waitin' for my buddy to get over here with his bluedream so we can make a salad blunt Kush x Bluedream :smoke:
  13. nice pickup

  14. I couldnt have made a better list meself.. Are you south of boston mike? If you dont mind me asking
  15. I live in Chicopee so i'm not exactly sure if thats south of boston lol and i don't mind dude, nice to meet ya, i'm mike, 18 year old stoner just enjoying the warm summertime
  16. Chicopee is like western mass i think. Like i said from brockton, but im cody my friend. You going to hempfest this year maaaygn?
  17. i dont know what hempfest is dude. lol
  18. Where people go to the boston common (park) and smoke weed and listen to some music, also known as the freedom rally
  19. When is the rally? Always wanted to go

  20. Saturday Sept 15!

    OP, great pick up and a sick price. Usually pay 100 for a quarter in Boston. It's steep but not the worst I've heard of around the area. :smoke:

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