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  1. Could someone ballpark how far along my babies are? 20190725_170139.jpg
  2. Wouldn't YOU be the one that knows that?
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  3. Did someone gift you some plants?? LOL Can't say from pics like that. Do you have any information about it/them?
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  4. I say bout to be in week one of flower wouldn’t start counting just yet. Also looks like thin leaves is that a sativa or a sativa leaning hybrid?
  5. Pre flower, i am also in Mass, keep a close eye this week especially, hairs should start popping out from the nodes.
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  6. You should also see them stretch very soon, i forgot to mention that! Stretching happens and then the following week premature buds are forming all over!
  7. Thanks for the input, the plants are around 7 ft tall in a 2 ft bucket so i cant really afford for them to strech too much more. I have them going to bed under a pop up tent, early around 5pm each night. I was trying to find out if my "force flowering" technique was working.
  8. Nice plants, those things are beast! The tops looks like they have already stretched. Did you notice an increased rapid growth during the last couple weeks? Whats your soil and feeding setup by the way? Those things are monsters for those pots, im jealous! Sativas?
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  9. Go check out my other recent forums, basically the most recent pics and desription of my set up.
  10. Im also in Mass and mine have about the same number of pistils without any type of tent. Plus, to force flower, I'm pretty sure you need total darkness. I don't think that canopy you're using will accomplish what you're trying to do. IMO all you're doing is depriving it of some light. Id remove the canopy to maximize the light, but have it on standby to block the rain to protect the buds from fungus when they start stacking up.
  11. Only way to force flowing outdoors with your set up is buy black plastic wrap and take 15 mins twice a cycle to wrap and unwrap the plastic from around your poles ....only problem you may run into depending on how stable the strain is may get hermies as your not blocking all light(total darkness like buddy said ) I've tried this outdoors and it does work but that canopy is just blocking light and slowing growth my man it's not gonna force start the plants into flower sorry....10 years outdoor growing in new brunswick canada where 9 week or longer strains wont finish due to out climate so ya....if your climate is like mine buy short flowering time plants ...good luck

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  12. Don't know if I agree with that, I may have just been lucky not to get hermies. I have 2 plants that get their last hour or 2 of light blocked by a chestnut tree, they're already a couple weeks into flower and my 2 in the open haven't really switched. Last year the 2 plants in the same spot (blocked by the chestnut) flowered early too and finished up half way through September, not a seed or banana to be found. The tree doesn't completley block their light but definitely cuts their day short.
    Nice to meet ya by the way, I'm in NS, I feel your struggle with our seasons haha
  13. Oh and what I mean by they wont finish outside here is come late sept early Oct the rain and cold and sometimes frost comes and we get bud rot and it spreads like wildfire...see mould here we cut the plant down ready or not as in 3 days that entire plant will be totally mouldy

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  14. Hey friends, thanks for all the input on my set up. As this tent is just a test for this year, i appreciate the debate. Im only a 5th year grower and ive noticed in my climate i wasnt getting the outcome my friends were (growing the same strain). Ill tag some pics of last years grow when i had to cut em. That will give you an idea of what im trying to surpass. 20180912_130436.jpg 20180902_155607.jpg
  15. Ya that first pic is a nice size bud for a normal phototype for this time of year for sure that the one being blocked by the tree? I may have to try something again next year as I'll try anything to get flowering time shortened over here in good ol ohhh lets just say I'm close to moncton Haha Amherst n.s and moncton n.b are between me with Mabee a town or 2 between that so memremcook sackville dieppe aulac dorchester port Elgin Murray corner baie vert.. somewhere around there lol mould every season unless I grow autos and I did 8 this year and 4 last and got 3 oz dry on most of the strains...ahhhhhh the maritimes suck for growing outdoors that's why I just started my first indoor grow...nice to see someone close to me on here as most are UK or USA or b.c temporary green houses help with the frost and rain....4x4 post holders on 4 corners and run strapping but make the front 2 4x4 shorter so ya have a slight slope it makes a huge difference.i make the top out of 1x1 so its light and I can take it off when need be....good luck I'll be watching this for updated... 20190817_181936.jpg 20190817_181901.jpg

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