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Mass UFO sighting NY

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by To High 2 Fly, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Hey just thought i would share this video its pretty interesting.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDmLyGqobHo]Galactic Federation Fleet over New York City (26th August 2011) - YouTube[/ame]

    Herp Derp, :rolleyes:
  3. lets hope they come in peace.
  4. They show themselves again :)
  5. Ok this ones weird. There are a lot of videos of it on youtube. Seen by tons of people.
  6. let me know when they land, otherwise who gives a crap. What good are aliens if all they do is fly around in the sky at times we can't really see them. douchbags
  7. yea this is legit, on the night of the hurricane a very strong anomaly was happening outside my window. there was a light it would increase and decrease in brightness and then mysteriously disappear into thin air. it didnt move and it would reappear for a bit and disappear continuously for the entire storm, idk wtf it was but it freaked me out. i even took cell phone videos to show me my friends lol
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    I had 4 FB friends (I know, I'm cool) post about seeing bright lights in the clouds when the hurricane was coming through. 1 in Pittsburgh, 1 in Harrisburg, and 2 close to Philly. I didn't see shit :(

    Edit: Lights as in the clouds lighting up orange, pink, green. None of them said anything about UFOs, but they said it wasn't lightning for sure.
  9. Maaaan, if I get to live through First Contact I can die happy :D Not saying that these videos are proof of aliens in the slightest stretch, though. Twinkly lights in the sky hardly constitute a visual confirmation of aliens.
  10. Project blue beam I think its called?
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    Chinese lanterns unfortunately. Each one has roughly the same rate of ascent - and fades and dies in sequential order. None show control the 'triangle is an accident of orientation. Why let them off before evacuation? Because they've been used by the chinese for years to give luck on a journey or mark the beginning of a new venture.

  12. there got be something out there but who knows why they dont land or why they dont show them selves

    i mean come on if they came and landed everyone wud freak the fuck out be scared as fuck it wud really be crazy

    one thing to talk bout it but for it to happen and u 2 see it o man...
  13. not trying to hinder your credibility but, i have seen red and green lightning.. :smoke: it was fucking beautiful :D
  14. I have seen so many of these balls now that I am beginning to think its some sort of hoax.

    Why is it always the same balls makin the same patterns....Whats the purpose of just makin light in the sky???
  15. They look like stars, probably one of the best disguises besides being completely invisible. I mean, if we were to visit another planet via light balls or something, we would most likely have a very organized orientation or something like fighter jets, motorcycle gangs, they wouldnt just go flying every which way.

    And I did see a chinese lantern the other day while driving down the highway. It was quite easy to tell because it was just launched, and you could see the flicker of the flame. If someone did some video editing on this and studied the light, they should be able to tell if it's source is from "fire" or something that has a very constant light like lasers or leds, who knows what it could be.
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    Secret of space travel: Turn into balls of light ;)......the disguise selves as Chinese lanterns...

    love those NY accents..lol...and they appeared on my Bday..yay
  17. Why do alien spaceships need blinkers and head lights?

  18. They're trying to tell us something. There are plenty of videos with identical 'balls' maneuvering at high speed beyond our capabilities.
  19. If they wanted to say something, why wouldn't they just.. ... say it..

    If aliens can travel space, I am sure they can break the communication barrier with us. I have a feeling we're more of an object of their observation. Maybe we started off just like them and the lost their history along the way and are visiting to see "how it used to be" for them. Kind of like when we go to the Renaissance Fair..

    We had less communication way back when and you hear all these stories of aliens making contact. No we have proper communication between Earthians and they fade away. Tells me they don't really want to talk to us..

  20. Coming from a man who has talked to an alien sounding creature on the phone, from what I can tell they are observing us and preparing us for their arrival.

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