Mass U.S. and Canada Demonstrations MARCH 13 -19

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    Several groups are planning for a Massive U.S. and Canada Peaceful Demonstration for March 13th -19th! This will include sit - outs on Airport Runways - to stop air traffic for days (as they did in Thailand). They also are calling for - No Work, No School, No Shopping!

    I originally found this on Michael Moore's website:

    First here is a link to Voter's Strike page with groups listed:

    here is the site, with the below information:


    IVAW will march on Washington DC. Several other groups are planning to hold sit down protests on major airport runways across the country, freezing air travel for days. is asking members to protest locally in front of your reps personal residence or at local media outlets.

    There is also a 'Stay Home' strike called for the March 13-19th: No work! No school! No shopping!

    For a complete list of boycotts to end the bailouts go to
  2. so no bailouts, but also none of this ^^^^^

    so how exactly are we going to get the economy going?

  3. Legalize it!:hello:
  4. so whats the point of protest? sitting on the airlines just to stop the travels.,

  5. I'm not quite sure what the strike is for, but if it gets the government out of the economy, all the better.
  6. its a protest against the bailouts.

    the argument against the bailouts would be its better to cut taxes so people can spend money, which would cause people to work, and then make money, and spend it......

    but thats not allowed in this strike so i dont understand what the point of it is
  7. How do you propose to get anyone in government to give a shit, if you don't blow smoke up their ass once in a while?

    It's not easy to get demi-gods to listen, it takes ballsy moves (Ghandi), and sometimes the penalties are harsh ones. As it is, the people here have less voice with each passing day, and anything that will peacefully force the issues to light, could be worth could backfire also, and we could get martial law instead.

    But what do we the People want to do?
    A general work strike has proven a very successful protest technique in France, that's why France has better working conditions than we have here, and national healthcare, and free universities. ( 6 week annual vacations paid? who wants that?)

    (The above statement is more applicable to the USA, than Canada.)

    Or we can just keep our face down in the pillow, and scream while they write their friends some more checks they intend to cash with our asses.
  8. okay so we're protesting about gov and bail out then why at the airports?

    why not protest at DC. that would show us more power then them.
    Riots on the streets, chaos everywhere will show that we are PISSED!
    we done so many protest in past years. did any of them work? NO

    so lets start the riots!
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    how about we start working hard, stop taking out overly ambitious loans, and stop becoming sales/marketing reps and wall st bankers and useless shit like that
  10. I work hard, already. I have no overly ambitious outstanding loans, I ride the bus to work, I have no healthcare, and can be fired on a whim by a manager who cares less if I drop dead, as long as I can pass a drug test. I am not in sales, I am a producer of products people love, and I will make the customers I service very happy. Unfortunately for me, I am replaceable, and have no job security, therefore I am told I am in need of more education to advance, which means more student loans, more debt, and longer to get my self solvent.

    So why do I still feel like protesting?
  11. its all understandable, however we need to take responsibility and stop blaming the govt for all our problems
  12. Well, who do you suggest has been responsible for selling America off to the highest bidder?

    Why does the French Government fear its people, while America's government holds its own people in pre-emptive contempt?

    Work stoppages, marches, protests, tax revolts...these are effective tools, short of violence, but unmistakable in intent.

    America is trillions of dollars in the hole, because the government is blameless? Hahahaha, that's a good one.

    There's nothing wrong with a little civil disobedience in the name of if you'll excuse me, I've got go throw some Tea H. Sea into the Boston harbor.
  13. The government is only as good as the people allow them to be, these civilized politicians will feed you to the wolves in first sign of strife. Same thing can be said for the American people.
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    thats what im saying isnt the government 'for the people, by the people, of the people'? the govt isnt some extraneous entity that raging against will help the situation

    if the french govt fears its people, whos responsible for that relationship? the people.

  15. the government is probably overlooking this whole thing. hell, they probably thought of it. "See! we're constitutional! we allow protests!"
    uh huh.

  16. this is so wrong. governments SHOULD fear the people. governments are in place to work FOR the population of our country, not just the few elitists who run it.

    the citizens of a country should own the government, not the other way around.

    if it takes a massive protest to wake these rich assholes up to reality, then I'm all for it. unfortunately I think its too late for peaceful protests to really have any effect.
  17. maybe i should have made my post clearer. its the responsibility of the people to make the government fear them. if we have allowed them to grab to much power, is it really their fault? i say its ours for allowing them to do so.
  18. ok, cool. you had me worried!

    and you have a point, but I think the fault lies with both the masses for laying back and taking the corruption and the government figures trying to have their finger in everything for personal gain.

  19. the govt is ALWAYS gonna do that. we must remain vigilant, informed, and proactive.

  20. governments do that, but they don't have to. I think governments should be a totally respondent system. a government should always be adapting to what its people want and only have an interest in protection and prosperity of its people.

    to me it seems like one of those things where everyone around you in government positions is taking on personal gain from their elected positions, so why shouldn't you if you have the chance? with so many politicians getting away with their corrupt acts and profiting from it, it just shows you that these people live in a totally different world than me or you. everyone wants to have their name on something to be remembered, or get their piece of the pie.

    it is very important to be vigilant, informed and proactive to make sure your government stays in check. at the same time, I think its ridiculous that most people can't trust a system that should be helping them more than hurting.

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