Mass murder in chicago over 21 shot and it didnt hit the media

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  1. Chitownsmokeup told me about this. It's utter bullshit. More people where killed in Chicago last year alone then in the whole country of Afghanistan. That's not including the cops that kill innocent people everyday.
  2. And as I assumed, no attention on here. Boston gets bombed and its all we all hear about, Chicago has a shoot out with 21 people shot and its mugged off. Wow
  3. Damn, do you have any links for more info?
  4. You only waited 15 minutes lol, have some patience. But I second a link, that would add to the attention this thread will get.
  5. too much death and negativity in this world.

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    Really? Have any links for anything?

    Pretty fucked up but 435 people murdered in Chicago every year.
    200 in New Orleans, 350 in Detroit, if it happens everyday, it isn't news.
    It's not a media coverage blackout conspiracy or anything.
    Just no one really cares.

    2 people bombed, a world famous, friendly, event in brutal fashion with the intent of causing maximum casualties. Not a good week to have one of the countries biggest gang fights. Also; 3 dead, 150+ injured, compared to; 4 dead, 21 injured.
  7. People are starting to wake up, brace yourselves.
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    took a few searches but here the only thing i could find.

    The Mass Murder That The Media Is Choosing To Ignore - The Free Patriot

    Edit. My memory is garbage but I believe "more people shot then sandy hook" is a bit off, even if not almost all of the CHILDREN who had been shot from sandy hook died but yes this is exactly the sort of thing that most people can agree on. The media picks their stories to suite their/other's needs.
  9. I think it's still big news.
  10. Its not on the media because they didn't have important things to cover up at the time.
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    It's not on the media cuz it's black people shootings black people in the ghetto. Bet if it was white people shooting black people the media would rape the shit out of that. js, blacks killin black or blacks killin whites no one give a fuck white kills a black it's all of a sudden a huge problem and get's attention quick. Guarantee you if the shooters were white it would hit the media like a freight train. Not being racist but that's just the way it is.

    But still, 20+ gunned down in a gun free city... Proves banning guns wont do shit.

    EDIT: Also, Chicago is already a gun free city so why show it on the media to push forward with a gun ban? This and the area and race is why it didn't hit the media.
  12. So.. from the link... it wasn't a mass murder, but separate events of people being shot. In fact, it sounds from the article like they're just stringing together a bunch of random shootings and complaining about the media not paying attention to that instead of the Boston events.

    Lets see... two people who bombed an international event involved in a massive manhunt that has practically shut down the entire Boston area, or a series of apparently unrelated shootings in an area already pretty well known for this kind of thing? :p
  13. You seem to be missing the point of the article... 20+ gunned down in a weekend in a GUN FREE CITY! I live in the Chicago area so I'm very aware of the laws here. And we don't get this many shootings like this that often.

  14. Couldn't agree more, finally.

    I'm confused on your theory about if it was Black people shooting whites that it would get less news then Whites shooting blacks? It seems that the media loves shoving a nice white victim's photo in the public's face more then the other way around. Mistyped, or care to enlighten?

  15. Because "only whites can be racist".. That's the double standard society is being fed.

    I know this is off topic but my friend that went to another school after I moved they threw a dance for "black people" only and no other race was invited. The whites then threw a dance and they got called "racist". Gotta love the double standard there.
  16. That was the double standard not long ago, and yes probably still now. But with all the Stand up to bully/stand up against gaybashing/muslim bashing/slut shaming (lol) and every other group of people the double standard is not really what it use to be.

    I just don't see it. How often do kids come up missing and we see almost nothing about it, but a sweet lil white girl from a middle class or better family? That'll be aired all day long. The only major contradiction to this I can readily think of is lil TreTre martin.

    I do believe you have a mostly valid point here don't get me wrong. The media picks what it reports and Americans quit caring about gang shootings long ago.
  17. Yea but the "gang shootings" rarely happen in mass like this. It's just a couple here and there. As I said Chicago is a gun free city meaning only criminals have them and even in safer neighborhoods honest citizens get shot up because they're "defenseless". But 20+ gunned down in a gun free city in just 2 days is a bit too many and shouldn't be getting ignored like this. Shouldn't get too much attention, just enough to prove banning guns wont do shit... But that right there is exactly why it wouldn't hit the media.
  18. yeah, anybody who knows anything about gun laws or crime (even on just a middle school level) knows that chicago is a No gun place and most of us know that gun laws only prevent law abiding citizens from owning guns.

    Yes the media being unbiased would be fantastic but they aren't, and don't have to be. Media is a business, if business is better by not reporting some things and highlighting others then of course that's what they'll do. Wrong? well yeah sure. I'm not sure even the most vocal false flag bashers from the boston threads would argue that. The great debate comes from when this answer isn't enough when it should be for paranoid people.
  19. Chicago is pretty much a warzone on American soil. Everyone knows that so they don't really bother reporting shit there anymore.
  20. And this right here is EXACTLY why I own 3 guns. I don't wanna use them but I will if I have to, and I hope I don't get in that predicament. But I think this message makes it clear banning guns wont do a damn thing. That's the argument here I think.

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