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Mass Medical?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by BUDdy the elf, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone here in Mass has got a medical card yet, if that is, they are even giving them yet, im not too sure. Any info on getting a medical card in Mass is appreciated! Sorry if there is already a post on this. Peace
  2. not till april when the imformrys open up there a person in framingham that gives them for 199.00 only if you can get one and if you cant it dont cost nothing it not and id its just a peice of paper to show the cops if they think you are growing
  3. I have myne 2 weeks ago I got it
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    You can't get a card yet- but a doctors note serves as a card til they make the cards and have the procedures in place. My oncologist gave me a letter recommending it for me. And the state police did an interview on NPR and said basically that their plan was to ignore anyone who had a doctors letter.
  5. Yes they are handing out recommendations. Yes you will get your card around 90 days after your visit. And yes you can become a patients caregiver, by posting your patients OFFICIAL recommendation outside your grow area (you must have your patient go back to the doctor, and have them give you an official copy, which costs $15).
  6. Yes the card will come eventually. Now does anyone have an update on about when they dong thoes mayish right ?
  7. ^^ I don't understand your question....
  8. And also, you can visit other states with your recommendation (not all medical states, my friend called RI and they said they couldn't accept his). Such as Cali, Colorado, Maine...
  9. When are they finilizing t he regulations and.issuing cards mayish ? I hear ?
  10. Oh I see, I have no input on when they will finish. Cards should be coming in the next few months though.

    Congrats on your recommendation, I hope safe access helps you and everyone else!

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