Mass leaf die-off, 7 weeks into flowering. OPINIONS!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by medical grower, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Hi, guys.

    Here's the drill. Within the last few days I've had massive (and by tonight I mean massive) yellowing and die-off of pretty much every large and medium sized leaf on my Blueberry Kush plant. and yes, I do know that the leaves should start dying off this far into flowering, but i've never seen it to this extent before now. The buds look fantastic, but with the exception of the main cola (which is huge) the other buds feel spongy. I'm guessing that the bud sites are pulling all the life from the leaves and super-charging the buds? The plant isn't over or under watered, so don't think that's the issue. But I could be wrong.

    The small leaves extending around the buds are fine, but every leaf that has a stem sticking out beyond the buds are showing the same symptoms. I don't have pics but can get some tomorrow. Until then here is a link to the most recent pics, about 9 days ago.

    The plant is close to harvest but still needs another 7 to 10 days in my guesstimation. Am I ok or am I screwed? Opinions please... :confused:

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