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  1. marijuana was decriminalized to day by the massachusetts senate making it a $100 fine to posses less than 1 ounce intended for personal use. unfortunatly i have heard rumors that it does not go into effect until Jan. 1 2008. Anyone have any info on this... i called NORML but am waiting for a response as they did not know at the time, ill let u kno when i find out.:hello:
  2. are you sure? i see nothing on NORML about this...that would be very exciting though if it is true...i live right outside of boston.
  3. Hell yeah! Finally a step in the right direction. I hope this is true...
  4. i'm moving to boston
  5. from reading the site it seems that if that is actually an amendment...less than an oz is decriminalized? i took the time to carefully read it and everything and it seems to be straight. is that site the amendments? when was it passed?
  6. Thats the same with new york state i live in new york so hell yeah. They usualy just take your weed and if under 18 they call your parents.
  7. that would be the same in mass.

    S.B. 1151 would replace criminal proceedings with a civil citation for the possession of an ounce or less of marijuana. The bill does require that the parent or guardian of any juvenile qualifying for a civil infraction be notified and that the citation be delivered to them directly. The bill maintains restrictions on possession of marijuana near school grounds or facilities.

    also on feb. 19(not 20th) the commitie passed it but it needed further approval to become state law... i belive that is the aproval that was given today

    [ed.] i forgot to mention for Dave28 that you will not find info on NORML, when i spoke to a representitive on the phone i was told that they did not have info on the subject and that they would further investigate the matter for me and email me the info
  8. w00t!! I really hope it's in effect sooner than that.
  9. This fantastic! See anyone else on the common in April?
  10. In the city where I go to school it has been decriminalized, possession is simply a $200 fine - no arrests, nothing on your record. Just the fine.
  11. I've heard this as well, but not from any news sites. I'm starting to wonder if it's a rumor, or exageration. I'm hopefull about this though, someone here said they heard it on the radio? I think. Anyway I hope "The Metro" has big-ass "DECRIMINALIZED" on the front of the page, since I'd say that would effect about half their reader base :D
  12. Haha I <3 the metro. I never take them from the box.. I always recycle ones people left on the train, then usually leave it on a seat for the next guy.
  13. so whats the deal, is it confirmed or not?
  14. I'm going to say no, only because I never saw a yes anywhere
  15. If this all goes through, we should all meet up in the commons and celebrate with mad blunts. And if the cops come, i'll have my $100.
  16. that certainly is wonderful

    of course they had to keep their free easy legal way to take your money :rolleyes:

    fuggin' fines.

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