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  1. One of my favorite games. They might be making a movie out of it, though a television series would be WAY better because they could go into massive details on the planets and characters.

    Here's the link:
    Report: Mass Effect Movie In the Works | GameLife |

    They definitely need to use Matthew Fox (LOST) for Shepard

    And definitely need to use Yvonne Strahovski (Chuck) if they show Miranda in the movie

    Gonna be badass.
  2. \

    god no.....just no......
  3. Lol, haha, why?
    I really think Mass Effect has one of the best plots ever. But, yeah i'm kind of afraid these producers will ruin something good.
  4. thats exactly why i ont want it to happen......

    tv series? maybe...
  5. Don't like this idea.
    I just think that what happens in video games should stay in video games.
  6. I can't remember a decent game >> movie adaptation sooo I'm a little worried that they'll completely fuck it up.
  7. I think people have totally lost faith in video game movies.

    I've never seen a good movie made about a video game, and visa versa
  8. I remember when I played Wing Commander IV back in the day. Fantastic storyline and a fantastic game... So when they decided to make a movie out of it I was stoked! The movie was a horrific decapitation of what the original story was...

    The Collectors and the Geth will probably be done all half ass and the guns will all be replaced with walky-talkies!

    I am right with you though, I love mass effect 2! One of my all time favorite games!

    I can't wait for Mass Effect 3!!!
  9. i think the movie would be half ass decent if they based it on one of the books?

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