Mass Chopping of Limbs

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  1. One of the plants in my garden has had fences fallen upon it a few times. The wind just blew down a fence and a large limb was detached and I seperated it into a few clones. A similar situation has occurred last week and a limb has been kept alive in water in a bottle of e&j. It is looking healthy. I need some time to gather soil, pots, and rooting hormones. How can I properly keep these to-be clonee alive until I get my supplies?
  2. Do have a fish tank? I root all my cuttings in a hang on the back fish tank filter. Even kept the rooted cuttins alive for 6 months in the filter.
  3. Placed in a cup of water filled to about 1/2 the hiegth of the cuttings and then placed in a shady, cool location will last for 2 weeks. If you change the water every 10 days or so and add a drop(A DROP!) of a water soluble nute, it will be fine for 45-60 days.

    If you put the cuttings in a zip lock baggy with a small amount of water and place them in the vegetable drawer of your fridge, they will be ok for up to 6 months according to some but i cant seem to keep them alive more that about 4 using that method.
  4. Thanks guys I cant get the clones to root I have roottone powder I cut by nodes on a 90 angle dip in powder and put in soil mixed with pest moss and put a 2 liter bottle for humidity and put under a couple cfls and they always die
  5. I seem to kill them everytime myself..
  6. the plant hermied but its a monster still its doing ok

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