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Mass average weed prices

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by moe tha hoe, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I was wondering what the average weed prices were for Massachusetts. I was thinking to start selling. anyone? :wave:
  2. 1 dollar bob
  3. you dont know the price in your area and you want to start selling? do you even know how to sell?
  4. that is just hilarious.
  5. i do know how to sell. im just moving there soon. and i wanna know cuz idk anyone up there.
  6. welll id say 1 dallor a gram for pk and mybe 2.50 for the dank and 3.50 for the hash
  7. oh btw its against the rules to discuss dealing.....and mmmmm my chicken smells bomb
  8. i usually pay about $10 for a gram, $15 for the better shit. :p

    and a lot of people, the more you buy, they shave a bit off the price. Keep that in mind, sell good shit. hook me up. ;D
  9. of you dont know anyone than who the hell you going to sell bud to?
  10. I get blueberry for about 220 an oz. Some dank would be like 375-400 an oz. I can get a oz of mids for like 100. It all depends on who you know and where you live in mass. Alot of different towns have alot of bullshit prices. If you move to Brockton hit me up :smoke:

  11. or buy from
  12. my girl thats going up to some town says all the people there are avid smokers. and she knows a lot of people up there. i MIGHT not even sell i just wanted to know. thanks to cowboykillerr and x7lkx7 for actually giving me answers instead of critizin
  13. prices around newton area are 10-mids 15-kb 20g-dank 25g- for morons who get ripped off
  14. 10-20 depending on quality theres mostly mids but i can get beasters :p i heard in holyoke you can get beasters for 2 bucks a gram tho (i forgot why but there is supost to be some reason the prices are so low there idk tho i havent bought form holyoke)
  15. 220/oz really good kb
  16. typically 25-30 for 1/8 of mids and 40-50 for dank.

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