Mass Arrests in Saudi Arabia incl Princes

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  1. How Saudi elite became five-star prisoners at the Riyadh Ritz-Carlton

    Basically King Salman's son is going to be the new king, and is taking out key family members on top. Saudi Arabia ruling class is all family that share power in a balance.

    He's banking that he has the people's support on this with reforms(the women driving thing was his idea) but will continue to appease the clerical elite by warmongering with Iran.

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  2. Cool thread..

    Lots went down in SA this weekend.

    There was this as well following the "arrests"

    Helicopter crash kills Saudi prince

    As well as that missile fired at the airport that got shot down.
    It supposedly came from Yemen, and now the Saudis are blaming Iran for it.

    Saudi Arabia Blames Iran for Missile Attack

    Oh and Jared kushner was in town for the whole thing.

    Kushner took unannounced trip to Saudi Arabia

    Not quite sure what to make of the whole. Deal.

    Oh yeah..
    And the prime Minister of Lebanon quit and fled to SA as well.

    Amid intrigue, Saudi king receives Lebanon's outgoing PM

    Busy weekend over there.
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  3. Also.

    One of the prince's who's being held is a huge trump critic. Getting into Twitter wars with him..
    And they share the same attorney. Ty Cobb

    Donno if it's all connected..
    But a ton of shit we think down over there in a few short days.
  4. They're all being held in the ryad Ritz Carlton.
    Not a bad place to be locked up at.

    An estimated half trillion dollars of net worth combined between these people arrested.
  5. Hell yeah! :jump:
  6. The whole middle--east is gearing up to go to war with each other..IRAN is becoming a superpower with the backing of Hesballah,,,and when this happens what will the lives of 4,000+ American lives lost in that area . Have been lost for??? I hope they nuke each other to oblivion and finally the middle--east will be no more

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  7. Iran is not superpower and is not even close to being one.
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  9. glad there is a thread for this. sad that its almost off the first page already, but thats what happens when its not a "shit on trump" thread.
    However this is really interesting. I've also read that some of these guys are juiced in, or own part of mgm, including the top floors of the mandalay bay hotel...nothing big has happened there recently.

    Its pretty crazy, and will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Thank god we have checks and balances to prevent this kind of thing.
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  10. Yeah so much shit went down in a really short period of time. Hard to know if it's all connected.
    Thank God for independent journalism.

    Been trying to follow the whole deal, but it's so confusing.
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  11. Yeah it's a lot of crazy circumstances happening at once.

    The Lebanon PM is supposedly being held there on house arrest now. He's now "retiring"or being forced too. Now Lebanon and Saudi Arabia are at war, maybe.

    This new Crown Prince just DGAF and he's only 32 so technically a millennial. We takin over.
  12. The Saudi Royal family are genocidal loo la's. Knuckle dragging scum.

    This is nothing but a PR exercise to fool the world into thinking they are leaving the dark ages.
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  13. Oh I agree I think the crown prince is just using the "reforms" to fool the people there's change so he can consolidate power.
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  14. It's all to get Iran.
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  15. thats what they say. we will see. I could think of worse outcomes than those two going at it for a bit. as long as we steer very clear of it, but theres a lot of oil there so we probably wouldn't.
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  16. Could be a money grab.
    Those being held are worth about $500 billion combined.
    That's a lot of seized assets.
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  17. Yeah they were quick to blame Iran for a missile launch from Yemen.
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  18. Well that's how you keep the Religious power happy. In Saudi Arabia they're controlled by Sunni Muslims. Iran is controlled by Shia. So there is heavy beef there.

    On top of that, The Religious power aren't gonna care about women driving or the arrests of royalty if you're warmongering with Shia Iran.

    It's actually a brilliant power move by the young crown prince. For a knuckle dragger he's being very smart playing both sides of the table. Very King-like.
  19. it could be a power grab yes, it could be him literally thinking its time for saudi to move from the dark ages as well. Time will tell, info is pretty sparse on this topic. I tried to read several articles about it yesterday but it seemed that most were just cut and paste of the original article.

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