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Mason Jars Vs. Tight Vac

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by WEED SMOKE TOKE, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Has anyone ever used the tightvac containers. How do you like them and do you like it more than a glass jar.

    as far as curing goes.. does glass do something special or is all you is an airtight container... can you use tight vac for curing?

  2. I've owned and used both and they do exactly the same thing. Which is good, they both work fine.
  3. Yeah Tightvac's are pretty nice they do work and virtually no smell. BUT the same can be said about mason jars...for a little lower price...whatever you want in your kit I guess....

  4. You like your tight vac? I absolutely hate mine, if you come within 6 inches of it you can smell the dank easily.

  5. I agree...mostly

    I find the seal on the Tight Vac is not as good after awhile, and the trichs really stick to the plastic...

    I cure and store in glass (cheaper) and keep my ready at hand supply in a Tight Vac...

  6. That sucks...I have a few of 'em...never had a smell problem 'till they get old...
  7. Mason jar all the way, its the classic way to do it :cool:
  8. If you use a tight vac, you should be keeping the bud in a bag so it doesnt get the top of it all sticky and make the lid completely useless. Mason Jars, you can just drop the bud on in, and then if it gets to kiefy, you can make qwiso in the jar with just the kief, or add stems and such. Cant do that with a tigh vac, unless you want plastic in your hash :)

  9. Strange. Mine never smells at all. :confused_2:

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