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Mason Jar Keif

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JaiGuruDevaOm, May 14, 2011.

  1. My mom has a mason jar she has kept hash and bud in over the last 20 years. It hasn't been used in awhile but i just found it and it reeks of bud and I can see keif on the sides of it. If I take iso alcohol and let it rinse in there and evaporate the alcohol will I get hash?
  2. you have to heat it up on a hot plate afterwards to make it evap .
  3. You can use a hot plate to make the evap process quick, or you can even just put a desk lamp over it for a few hours.

    No open flames.

  4. ill put it in a glass baking dish and put it over a flame

  5. alright never mind i think i have a little hot plate on my stove

  6. is it glass ? if you have a pyrex dish it would be great . im here to help , pm me if you have any questions .

  7. yeah its a glass casserole dish
  8. alright i scraped everything out of the dish and now i have this kief thats at least 20 years old...I'm a bit scared.
  9. haha don't be man that kief will smoke just as good and i hear thc can remain active for thousands of years;) Best part will be that the kief has history, you should toke it with ur mom, wish i could:rolleyes:
  10. I wanted too! but she won't because its so old haha but I'm about to go in on it, wish me luck!
  11. so was it any good?????:smoke:
  12. I've done it before and it's come out amazing. It's especially nice since all different types of strains get passed through my jar so it's a well rounded hash.

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