Maslow Self Actualization

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by CoinOpBoy, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. I was reading through this at work and I'm thinking about how true it sounds. I'm not gonna write much about it right now but I'm curious to know what you guys think?

    This isn't really a scientific or technical paper, it's more of an observation of people, healthy people, with nothing at all wrong with them.

    Discuss! :D
  2. Control, will, caution, self-criticism, measure, deliberateness are the brakes upon this expression made intrinsically necessary by the laws of the social and natural world, and secondarily, made necessary by the fear of the psyche itself."

    Thats the only part I don't like. It seems like he is saying control, will, and self-criticism are not useful tools.
    Anyway a dope read. thanks

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